What should be your next course of action on noticing water damage on baseboards?

Water damage on baseboards is a common issue faced by a majority of homeowners and corporate offices. Baseboard is nothing but a narrow wooden board that is attached to the base of an interior wall. Baseboards are quite vulnerable to water damages as water tends to accumulate on the sides of the floor.

Prolonged water accumulation can lead to its saturation between the baseboard and wall. This situation can give rise to mold. In case you find any sort of leakage or water damage, immediate action is advisable in order to protect the safety and health of you and your family members. Mold infestation can be a very serious problem if left unattended. Keep reading on to know more,

Health Problems associated with Mold due to water damaged baseboards

  • Runny nose
  • Coughing
  • Asthma
  • Sneezing
  • Watery/itchy eyes
  • Throat infection
  • Other allergies

How can you fix water damage on baseboards?

  • Loosen the baseboard – Take a knife and loosen the inside attachment of the baseboards. Make sure you use smooth strokes in order to avoid and wall damage.
  • Clean the wall – Avoid using bare hands in this process. Wear the safety items to protect yourself from any mold contact. You can clean the residue on the wall with the help of a dry cloth.
  • Check the damp areas – Make sure you thoroughly check all the damp areas and spots in order to prevent any further unseen damage. This will help you in starting your drying process to the wall area. Contact the professionals for more information on water damage on baseboards
  • Measure – Once you are done with the entire cleaning process, it’s time now to replace the defective baseboard with the new one. Before beginning your replacement work, ensure to take measurements. Match the color of the baseboard with the rest of the boards.
  • Makeover – If you wish to give your baseboard a complete makeover, try painting it with a completely different color. The spirit mixed in the paint will automatically kill all the pests nurturing inside the damp areas.

Best Water Damage on Baseboard Repair Companies

  1. Mr. Handyman, North America – Established in the year 1996, Mr. Handyman is one of the best baseboard repair companies in the US. They offer high-quality services in installing and repairing the water damage on the baseboards.
  2. Hammell Homes, Chicago – Serving the clients for the last 33 years, Hammell Homes offer services related to installation, repairing and replacing of the baseboards. You can completely rely on their expertise and industry experience.
  3. Steven K Lewis Carpentry & Handyman Services, San Diego – Being one of the most reputed company, it offers end to end baseboard installation and restoration services to its customers. The highly qualified technicians understand the technicalities of this job very well.
  4. Smith’s Carpentry, California – If you are looking for a reliable baseboard water damage repair company in California, then Smith’s Carpentry can be the best for you. They have a team of best technicians that offer fast and reliable repairing services to their clients. You can contact them anytime to understand the terms and conditions of the agreement.

Before starting any water damage on baseboards repairing, Make sure you identify the root cause of the problem. In case of any doubts, call for professional assistance immediately.