Stone coated steel roofing are in high demand in the present market especially, since many house owners are showing interest in these stone coated steel roofs. But what might be the reason? 

Who would not like to want the most reliable, attractive, and strong roofs for their homes? Are you also searching for the best roofs that match your expectations? If yes, then you should not miss this stone coated steel roofing. You can also search roofing services for more details.

Well, it’s because of its durability, high storm-resistant power, prevents water damages, molds, and many other usual roof problems. Moreover, the combo of stone and steel is the real attraction and driving sales more and more. 

Do you know these stone coated steel roofs have the highest rating to withstand the winds? These can bear up to 120 mph winds. 

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Want to know more about what is stone coated steel roofing ? If yes, then go ahead. Here is everything that you should know about the roofing

Stone Coated Steel Roofing
Stone Coated Steel Roofing

Stone Coated Steel Roofing – Short Details

Not only reliability but we also crave for the attraction of the roofing systems. Usually, steel roofing are most famous in the present market but the owner has to compromise with the styling of the house. 

However, you no need to compromise on styling and designing of your house, if you choose the stone coated steel roofing. But how? 

Well, let me explain to you in detail here. You can also check tpo roofing for more details.

Usually, these roofing are coated with a deep and thick layer of stone that permanently sticks to the surface of the roofing. Not only it protects your house but also gives a trendy and decorative look. 

So, don’t compromise on the styling and designing of your home. Avail of this roofing services at our office. All you need to do is just give us a call. We will take care of the rest. 

Here are the few pros and cons of this roofing system that you should consider before going to install these roofs. you can get more info about roofing shingles.

Stone Coated Steel Roofing Pros and Cons
Stone Coated Steel Roofing Pros and Cons

Stone Coated Steel Roofing Pros and Cons – Importance Points


Longevity, durability, fewer maintenance charges, decorative designs, and high-efficiency energy are the few benefits of installing stone coated steel roofing. Let’s know each benefit in brief here. 

Want to know? Yup. Then, here it is.  

  • Longevity

We all know that the metal roofing have high life-time if they are installed properly. Usually, these metal roofing can last for 40 to 70 years. They are a great investment in the long run. So, most of the house owners choose metal roofing rather than asphalt or any other traditional roofing systems.

  • Durability

Not only it’s strong but also reliable. Many people think that these roofing are heavy. But in fact, these are very light in weight with only 50 to 150 pounds per square. Moreover, it’s easy to install even. 

Metal roofing can bear strong winds, heavy rains, strong hailstones, and many more storms even. And this roofing makes the deadly combo with stone and steel. 

  • Less Maintenance

Did you remember the number of times that you have repaired and call experts for a maintenance of your roofs? Most probably, several times or at least once per year. Isn’t it? However, you no need to spend much on stone coated steel roofing as these need less maintenance. 

So, you can happily save your maintenance charges. These usually develop a strong and thick protection layer around your home and make it safer from all destructive weather conditions. 

If you don’t have this roofing at your home, then available of them soon to get rid of frequent repairs and maintenance of your house. you can also westminster roofer.

  • Style and Design

Not only these are highly protective but gives a classy look to the buildings. There are numerous finishing designs. Usually, these roofing come with several colors, textures, and designs even. So, you can any of them based on the styling and designing of your house. 

  • Energy Efficiency

There is a common myth about these metal roofing. Many people think that as the metals are good conductors of heat and electricity, they absorb and pass it to the entire house. As a result, there might be any serious damages.

However, this is not true. On the contrary, these metal roofing reflect the heat on hot sunny days and keeps your home cool and pleasant. This not only provides you a cool environment but also cuts down the cooling devices charges for your home. 

So, these are the few benefits of the stone coated steel roofing systems. However, nothing is perfect in this world. As it has pros, it should also have a few cons. The same applies even to this roofing system. you can also keep roofer los angeles ca.

Here are a few cons of this roofing system. 


Unlike many other roofing systems, this roofing system has a few cons. The only two cons of this roofing system are that its initial cost and excessive noise.

So, let’s learn about these cons in brief here. 

  • Cost

These are highly expensive at first than the normal asphalt roofing systems. However, in the long run, it helps you a lot by freeing you from all the frequent repairs and maintenance. 

Decide what you want and choose the best for you. 

  • Noisier

If you love rain noise and enjoy it, then you can bear the noise of these steel roofings. Or else, you feel as if you are dumped into the drum. Few people cannot bear this noise and complaints about it. 

However, noise depends on how you install the roof. There are a few preventive measures such as adding attic insulation to reduce the noise from the roofs. 

That’s it. These are the few cons. As there are several benefits to using these roofing, many house owners prefer to use this. Moreover, if you feel that the costs are too high, these will free you from other repairing costs for a further 50 years. here you get all the details about Stone Coated Steel Roofing Pros and Cons and if you interested to know more about

Stone Coated Steel Roofing Cost
Stone Coated Steel Roofing Cost

Stone Coated Steel Roofing Cost – A quick View

Several house owners are investing in this steel roofing system to get rid of additional repairs and installation in the long run. Here are the total costs of the steel roofing system in detail.

Material costs:

Usually, the material costs per square for shingles, shakes, tiles, underlayment, fasteners, ridge cap, trim, and many other materials lie in between 375 USD to 550 USD. 

Installation costs:

Usually, the installation cost depends on several factors and varies accordingly. However, it lies in between 275 USD to 700 USD. 

Therefore, the total cost of this roofing system lies in between the 650 USD and 1250 USD per square. This seems like more cost but the high-quality asphalt;lt cost is even three to four times higher than this roofing system.

Not only just installation and material costs but also there are a lot more than these. Here are the more costs of the various materials.

The below-given materials are priced per square. 

  • Roof decking for any replacements due to damage: 35 USD to 45 USD.
  • To avoid noise, the installers install soundproofing underlayment designed material. The cost of this material lies between 75 USD to 125 USD. 
  • The cost of fasteners lies in between 3 USD to 4.50 USD.
  • The cost of battens lies in between 45 USD to 75 USD. These battens are used if you want a grid to nail roofing materials.
  • The panels of stone coated steel roofing cost between 175 USD to 375 USD. 

The below-given materials are prices per linear foot.

  • The cost of moisture barrier for valleys, rakes, or eaves lies in between the 1.50 USD and 2.75 USD. 
  • The cost of a drip edge goes up to 1.25 USD.
  • The cost of flashing and fascia lies in between 2 USD to 4.50 USD. 
  • Ridge, hip, rake cap to match shingles of the stone coated steel roofing cost lies in between 6 USD to 9 USD. 
  • The cost lies in between 3.35 USD to 5.50 USD for a ridge vent that is installed on both sides of the ridge with the center open in U.S. 

So, this is all about the pricing that you should know before installing the steel roofing panels. Here are the factors that affect the cost of the roofing system.

  • Styling and design
  • Panel thickness
  • Type of coatings
  • Battens used

Installation cost factors:

  • Removing old roof
  • Types of the house: Single story or multi-story house
  • The complexity of the roof
  • Pitching of the roof
  • Time of the year(Usually rates are higher during the peak seasons)
  • Based on the contractor that you normally choose 

Here are the few sample estimates of the roofing system:

For ranch with 20 squares of roofing, 4 corners, and 61/2 pitch:

  • Stone-coated steel shingles cost would be 13,000 USD(Without battens)
  • Stone-coated steel tiles cost would be 16,000 USD(With battens)

For ranch with 20 squares of roofing, 6+ corners, and 12/12 pitch:

  • Stone-coated steel shingles cost would be 17,800 USD(Without battens)
  • Stone-coated steel tiles cost would be 19,300 USD(With battens)

For a multi-story with 20 squares of roofing, 4 corners, and 61/2 pitch:

  • Stone-coated steel shingles cost would be 15,700 USD(Without battens)
  • Stone-coated steel tiles cost would be 17,400 USD(With battens)

For a multi-story with 20 squares of roofing, 6+ corners, and 12/12 pitch:

  • Stone-coated steel shingles cost would be 19,800 USD(Without battens)
  • Stone-coated steel tiles cost would be 23,000 USD(With battens)

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