Smoke damage clean up cost depends upon the extent of damage it has caused to your home or office. A fire breakout can be devastating leaving its ugly traces on your property. Even a small fire, if not instantly controlled can cause havoc in the area! Consulting fire damage restoration Professionals essential to prevent any further damages like wood rot and mold growth.

It is also very important to understand the exact damaged areas and how it can impact your home in the future. Before signing the papers with the restoration professionals, you must ascertain the total cost of the entire process.

smoke damage clean up cost
smoke damage clean up cost

Smoke Damage Clean Up Cost – The Extent of Damage Caused by a Fire Outbreak 

Here are some important aspects of the expenditure that affect the cost of clean up, and you should be aware of. The smoke damage clean up cost is dependent on the content of damage caused by-

  • Discoloration – The areas and stuff exposed to fire might get discolored or soot-stained. You can expect such stains on your walls, floor, fabrics, furniture, etc.
  • Odor – The aftermaths of fire doesn’t end with the actual fire. It leaves behind a smoky odor which can be quite annoying at times and need to be restored immediately.
  • Interior Damage – Fire is one of the most dangerous elements on the earth. It has the intensity to destroy everything that comes in its way and your interiors are not an exception.
  • Electrical Damage – If you find any damage to your wiring system at home, you can expect substantial damage to your electrical devices as well. Check your warranty papers to get them repaired.

Fire Damage Restoration – Average smoke damage clean up cost

Fire Damage Restoration
Fire Damage Restoration

You can expect an average cost of $4.70/ SF for a 2,600 square foot home. However, this cost may vary according to the extent of damage and the location of the property. Further categories are mentioned below:

  • Similarly, the water damaged caused to the floor and furniture due to water cannons can range up to $1,000-$3,900. The major expenditure is incurred in cleaning the mold and wood rot issues.
  • The soot cleaning and removal process can cost you somewhere around $2,000-$6,000. You can expect soot traces on the carpets, curtains, and walls.
  • Burn clean up is estimated to be around $50-$100 per pound. The expert restoration professionals can remove the burnt items safely.
  • The smoke damage clean up cost generally ranges from $200-$1,000. This also includes odor removal services.

Fire Damage Restoration Near Me – Top Smoke Damage Restoration Companies

  1. Total Restoration Services, Florida – If you have recently suffered a fire outbreak at your property and looking for a reliable restoration service provider, contact the most popular company for the best and most effective services.
  2. TSC Restoration, Inc., CA – The highly qualified service team of TSC offers 24*7 services to their clients. You can rely on their highly efficient team of technicians in case of an emergency situation.
  3. 911 Restoration Miami, Miami – Being the best restoration companies in Miami, it offers rugs, carpets, upholstery, ducts and floor cleanings services to its clients. They have a quick response team to handle any urgency.
  4. Smoke Service Restoration, Inc., Illinois – Contact the 45 years old fire restoration company for getting rid of smoke and soot today. Their highly experienced technicians are capable of handling odor control and soot cleaning operations
  5. SERVPRO of Ravenswood, Chicago – forget about everything, when SERVPRO is there! Call their help desk today to get the best services in Chicago. They have years of experience in fire damage restoration services.

The larger the area damaged, the higher the cost of the restoration process. It is advisable to take immediate actions to restore the damages. If you too have suffered similar loss, leave everything on our professionals for more details on Fire Damage Restoration Near Me you can visit our home page restoration services.