Signs of Water Damage, Many property damages caused by water and leaks could have been avoided , According to American Insurance Associate, over 90% of these issues could have been avoided had proper care and maintenance be given to such smaller problems in the early going. One of the key factors to eradicating any potential cause of water damage is to resolving the issue at the very beginning and also to understand what to look out for.

Signs of Water Damage – Observation

Some cases are obvious but other times it can be more gradual, subtle and hidden, below are the few listed observations you should make to identify any signs of potential water damage to your house which can cause havoc in near future.

water damage to their residential or business property can be the biggest headache and also the hardest thing to contain, Not identifying the symptoms early and overlooking the obvious signs of water damage can cost you dearly and leave a heft hole in your pocket.

Musty odour – Feeling of elevated humidity or dampness within the interiors of your house is a strong sign of water damage. The dampness and humidity levels second mold growth which in turn produces musty odour. Consider this as an ideal sign of water damage in bathrooms, the smell can be strong around the areas where the water damage exists.

The water damage related musty smell is similar as that of wet paper or a cardboard box. Old housed might have such odour especially in the attic or basements. However keep an eye out of any sudden changes in the smell accompanied by the seasonal changes.

Appearance of Mold – Stain or mold dominated signs of water damage in walls and ceilings are always a sign of water damage. The mold growth or stain has an epic centre which signifies the origin of the water damage. You can commonly observe this sign near laundry rooms, kitchen, and bathrooms that accounts for major water usage in the house, the moist surface provides the perfect environment for mold growth, which in turn can affect your health in addition causing structural damage to the house.

Signs of Water Damage on Ceiling – Conditions

Appearance changes to ceiling, walls and flooring – When water damage is on cards, you can clearly observe dry wall ceilings being flaky or bubbly. These conditions if  left unchecked, can become bloated or swollen, Wet flooring is another sign which is often overlooked, the corners of the rooms which are hardly use can house mold and even cause irreversible damage to the sub-flooring if left unattended for too long. Signs of water damage on ceiling cause of mold and fungus. you can visit our another page water damage cleanup tips.

Outdated Water supply system – The outdated water supply system is one of the major giveaways to residential water damage. While the pipe itself can be reliable over a period of time but the connections and the faucets are the main culprits here.

That is why is highly recommended to perform a water supply inspection on a yearly basis. Considering cutting off the source of the water supply when you are out of town for a long period, you might need regular maintenance and checkups for the appliances like furnaces and air conditioning.

High Utility Bill – It is not always possible to find a signs of water damage when the structure of the house is too big with multiple floors and attics, a sudden surge in utility bill is an ideal indicator of water damage inside the walls. How to tell if the water damage is new or old can be tricky. You might need extensive experience, professional tools and time to figure it out. You can visit our another page ceiling water damage repair cost.

Sounds of Running water – Sometimes you won’t be able to see the water damage but you just might be able to hear it. If you hear dripping sound, a creaking floor or running of water. Though these sounds can also indicate perfectly functioning of the system so make sure you notice changes in the sound, often sometimes along with sounds you may come across tiny pools of water and drippings, clean the pool and remainder of the water. Even after the clean up if the water appears it indicates water damage or a leak.

Water Strains – Visible signs of water damage are seeping water, curled wall paper and even discolouration. Look for patches of yellow-brown on the walls and ceilings, streaks of the water on the side of your house. This could be a sign of a over flowing gutter. When the stains and spots start to show these may be permanent and then fade away, the discolouration could also be due to a seepage or mold that indicates hidden moisture inside of the wall.

Leaky water supply lines or roof leakage that has migrated down can be the cause of it, such yellow-brown stains can be visible in places like basements, bathrooms and laundry of your house. You can visit our another page water damage restoration tips.

Damaged Flooring – Flooring usually starts to show sign in the corners or in the rooms that are not used very often, if the water is seeping into sub-flooring it may be due to saturated foundation or pipe leakages. Tiles may eventually loosen and you may even notice wetness. Wood and linoleum will begin to show signs of warping or bucking, carpets will feel wet to touch and soggy.

Signs of water damage in walls alongside floors are another indicators that water damage has seeped through the walls, check for the external exterior of the house if there are any signs of water damage. It is often advised to plan to build your residency on a highest point away from the sloppy grounds to avoid water damage.

If above mentioned signs do come to light when you check for water damage done to your house we recommend giving a call to local plumber or water restoration companies to get the water leak fixed before the situation gets any worse.

If the damage is beyond nominal fixes and repair a professional help of technicians and restorations services is required, and lastly if you have insured your house make sure to give a call to your insurance company to cover the costs of restoration and fixes. To know more about signs of water damage you can visit our home page.