Shower plumbing is one of the most important thing in our daily life. Do you know about 90% of people prefer shower baths? And in this modern era, showers have become the most crucial fixture and also standard in many homes. Isn’t it? Do you also use them? Most probably, yes. Also, this issues are pretty common in most of the houses. You can also search plumbing near me.

And if you neglect it, you might face severe damages in the coming days. So, fixing shower plumbing issues is crucial. But how? Simple, just hire a professional plumber. He analyzes the issue and solves your problem.  

How to choose the best plumber to solve all issues? No worry. We provide you the best-licensed plumbing team. And all you need to do is just give us a call. We will take care of the rest. 

Want to know more about installing shower plumbing fixtures? If yes, you have come to the right place. Dive deeper into the article to know more about it. 

Shower Plumbing
Shower Plumbing

Shower Plumbing – Types

Showers are the most straightforward appliance designed to store and drain water whenever necessary. Today, showers became so popular that each bathroom has a shower. Usually, showers come in different shapes, colors, styles, and sizes. 

Want to know more about shower plumbing? Usually, showers are of two types: Built-in showers and prefabricated showers. you can also search best plumbing.

Built-in showers: 

These are not fixed during the construction. Built-in showers are set within the walls of the small room that is used for bathing. Usually, these showers are built internally. Unlike other showers, you cannot see the whole part of it. Only an essential part of the showers that emits the water out is seen. 

Prefabricated showers: 

Most probably, you have seen these showers in your home or many other places. Because many people use these showers more frequently than the built-in showers. These prefabricated showers come in various styles, colors, and textures depending on the various brands.

Moreover, you can easily see the whole part of this shower, either covered with fiberglass or any other synthetic materials. These are installed during the construction and have no inter-connection with the walls. 

Do you want to fix any of these showers? If yes, just give us a call, and we would be in front of you soon. 

Do you know most of the essential parts of the plumbing are those you cannot see? Didn’t get my point? Wait, let me explain to you clearly here. 

The crucial elements of the shower are placed inside it. If you think, knowing all these issues is only a plumber’s work, then you have made a blunder. However, you should know at least a fundamental element in shower plumbing. we have also elaborated on the emergency plumbing.

This not only helps you in fixing the simple issues but helps you to be conscious and careful in future days. So, are you ready to know the working principle behind the shower? Yup. Then, go ahead. 

Shower Plumbing diagram
Shower Plumbing diagram

Shower plumbing diagram – Principal

Don’t think of any engineering or medical terms with a complicated explanation here. Just relax. Actually, the working principles of showers are pretty simple and easier to understand. Student can also explore plumbing companies.

Usually, the cold rushes from the water source when you open it. While hot water stays in the heater. And after some time, these two hot and cold water meet at a point, mix together, and come out of the showerhead. 

Do you know Shower plumbing diagram are depending on the number of pipes and shower heads? For instance, single-function showers, two-function showers, multi-function showers, and exposed showers. 

Shower Plumbing parts
Shower Plumbing parts

Shower Plumbing PartsDetailed Of Function

  • Single-function shower

Usually, both hot water and cold water mix at a place called a valve in the showers. This valve acts as a junction between the hot and cold water.  

So, in this single-function shower, water temperature is maintained in the valve and then pushed into the pipe of a shower. Then, the water comes out of the shower from the single pipe to the showerhead.

  • Two-function shower

Want to enjoy more luxury? If yes, then this is the best option. And with increasing population craving for a luxurious life, these showers have become popular in this modern era. As the name says, it consists of two showers or a multiple-headed shower. It comprises baths and showers.

Usually, it’s difficult to pump the water run in both the showers at the same time. However, with advanced technology and a smart education system, it has become possible for us to run the water in both the showers at the same time. 

How? Want to know? 

We use a logical and advanced appliance called diverter to achieve this. Usually, this diverter diverts the water to enter into the two pipes instead of heading water into the single pipe. 

  • Multiple-function shower

Want to experience rain in your home? But is it possible? The answer is simple. And it’s a big yes. How can you achieve this? I think you might have guessed it. Yeah, multiple-function shower makes you feel as if you are dancing in the rainwater. 

And for this, we usually use a three-way diverter. This appliance diverts water into different pipes. And for some multiple-function showers, you may also need more diverters depending on the shower pipelines.

  • Exposed shower

And this is another type of shower that is most common. In this shower, you can see its connection with everything clearly. 

Not only these but also we fix and install showers. And if you want to know about it, here is everything that you need to know on how can you install the shower plumbing.

It’s very important to maintain showers carefully as the shower repairs cost more. And this is because of these complex repairs of the water paths and valves in it. However, we are here to do everything at an affordable rate.   

Do you want to install any of the above-mentioned Shower Plumbing Parts in your home? If yes, then just give us a call. We will take care of the rest without any further disturbances. Moreover, we also offer a 100% warranty on our services. 



How to install shower plumbing – Easy Services

We provide you the finest services in fixing the plumbing fixtures. Usually, plumbing fixtures include bathtubs, showers, drinking fountains, sinks, drains, etc. You can call us anytime. And we are here to help you soon in all the issues.

If you ask how to install shower plumbing fixtures, then it’s a bit of an easy process. However, if you are not aware of the necessary parts of the shower, then you should hire a professional plumber. The professional and licensed plumber fixes your problem soon and makes your life comfortable and luxurious.  

Here is the complete process to fix the shower plumbing issues. 

  • Turn off the main water source supply

To fix any plumbing issue, it’s the foremost thing that you must do. Either it may be shower, sink, tap leakages, drain clogs, or any other plumbing-related issues, you should disable the main water supply. 

In case if any of your family members needs water, you should store some water in buckets or other storage devices in advance. After disabling the primary water source, it’s time to start the installation work. 

  • Open the shower faucet compartment

For the installation of showers, you must do the work behind the wall. If you have any door in your bathrooms, then it’s much easier for you to do the shower installations. And you are the luckiest person as you can complete the installation process with ease.

In case, your house does not contain any doors, then open the drywall of the bathroom using a hammer and saw. Or, if necessary, use any instruments according to your comfortability. 

  • It’s the measurement time

Take any tape or scale to measure the height of the handle. Don’t know what the ideal height of the handle is? No worry. We will tell you. The perfect handle height should be 45 to 48 inches from the ground. 

Also, if you have small kids, then mark according to the height of your kids as your kids also use the showers. In case, you want to install any rain showers, then make sure to install at a maximum height so that you can feel as if you are scrubbing in the rain.

  • Placing a stud 

Your bathroom already consists of horizontal studs. And now you have to place a stud vertically in between the two other horizontal ones. Usually, this vertical stud carries water to the valve. And after that, make sure to measure the valve position. It should be placed almost at the same height of the faucet. 

  • Teflon wrapping around the adapters

Now, you have to enclose the adapter end carefully with the Teflon tape. After that, you should connect it to the hot water pipe using a wrench. Repeat the same procedure even with the cold water pipe and adapter. 

Make sure not to mix both of them. Usually, the positions of the hot water and cold water are left and right, respectively. Connect them according to your home water supply, in such a way that both the water should mix at a place called valve before reaching the showerhead. 

Als, mark everything correctly. Then, attach the shower valve with the marking of UP facing towards the ceiling using the electric screwdriver.

  • Vertical colon connection

This process involves connecting the PEX tube to UP marking on the valve. Now, wrap using the Teflon tape around the upper drop-ear elbow part and then fix it to the PEX tubing. Make sure to set it correctly with the wrench.

Now, you have successfully connected the PEX tube, and it’s time to screw down the tube to the horizontal stud. Also, it must be parallel to the valve. Use an electric screwdriver and make it parallel to the valve. you can also find city plumbing

Plumbing a Shower
Plumbing a Shower

Plumbing a shower – We are going to discuss.

Now, you should drill home. Why? Because you have to fix showerhead and handle. So, you need to drill for fixing them. Scaling needs to be done precisely. And use a drill saw to drill holes because it pierces the holes accurately.  

Then, fix the handle. How? It’s pretty simple. All you need to do is remove the protective part around the valve and put on the decorative disc. Finally, fix it with the wall using the screwdriver. 

And then, you should use Allen Key for installing handles.Easily you get to know how to plumbing a shower?

  • Fillets connection 

Around the fillets wrap with a Teflon tape. Then, connect to the upper drop-ear elbow tube. Fix it properly. That’s it you are almost done. And now, you have to fill all the holes with a Caulking gun and cover it with stylish and decorative plates. 

After this, you can even fill other holes with this Caulking gun. Finally, turn on the water supply. And use the shower can visit our homepage to get all the desired info about restoration services.


The shower baths at our home are always soothing and charming. And the fixing process seems a bit hard. Isn’t it? However, if you are familiar with it once, you can fix it on your home. But hiring a professional plumber makes the work effortless. Our Shower Plumbing team is always ready to help you at any time of the day.

All you need to do is just give us a call, and we will take care of the rest. Also, after the completion of everything, make sure you don’t have any leakages and other repairs. And this is the reason why you should hire a professional and licensed plumber. 

If you hire an expert for shower plumbing then we can give you warranty on our work. And if you do on your own, it leaves you with the repairs and other replacements sometimes. Want to hire an expert plumber? Contact us, and we will be in front of you soon.