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Mold can be described as a category of fungi that flourish in a moist environment. The professional mold removal company can generally spot mold in high humid spaces like basements, kitchens, bathrooms, or the properties that have recently experienced leaks, floods, or fire restoration. The majority of mold growth happens due to poor ventilation. It also depends upon the architecture of the house, its primary directions, and the quality of walls. Interestingly, mold spreads through an invisible seed known as spores. They are extremely light-weighted and can travel through the air. They tend to settle on any surface that is moist and humid. These spores multiply at a rapid rate and can cover the spaces that have high humidity and improper ventilation in less than 24 hours. 

Initially, mold damages is unpleasant to eyes and can ruin the look of your wall. But it has many more grave health hazards latched to it, especially for the people with allergies. The moment a person inhales mold, they tend to produce a toxic substance called mycotoxins that can attack his immune system. House owners should take no chance and rely only on professional mold removal companies to get rid of mold in their properties. 

Mold Damages – Health Hazards of Mold

Mold can give rise to some of the most severe health issues in people. Do you know that mold can also settle in your lungs and sinuses? If left unattended, they can give rise to serious respiratory issues. If you or any of your loved ones are experiencing any of the below-mentioned symptoms, it’s high time you connect with a professional mold removal brand. You may also consult mold removal Utah for more guidance.

  • Rashes
  • Shortness of breath / Wheezing
  • Runny nose
  • Watery eyes
  • Coughing
  • Frequent sinusitis
  • Redness in eyes
  • Migraines / Headaches
  • Tremors, numbness or tingling
  • Dizziness / Vertigo
  • Joint pain
  • Constant nerve pain
  • Muscle pains, cramps, and aches
  • Frequent cold and flu
  • Weakness and fatigue
  • Concentration issues and brain fog


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Mold Damages

Mold Damages

Mold Removal Near Me –

What are the Prominent Signs of Mold Exposure?

How will you identify a Mold damages in your property? Here are some prominent signs of mold exposure that require immediate professional intervention. 

  • Mold Odor – If you experience any musty or moldy smell in your home, it indicates the presence of mold. The smell is so strong that it can also attract termites and other fungi on the surface.
  • Condensation – You should keep a watch on the rusting basement or indoor pipes. If you identify any such issues, it indicates that mold is also nearby. You should immediately consult a reputed mold remediation company
  • Past Flooding or Water Leaks – These are the most common reasons for mold flourishing in a property. Common signs of mold here are discolored walls, ceilings or floor, water stains, cracked, bubbling, or peeling of paint or wallpapers, damp walls, and so on.
  • Visible Signs – You see mold patches can look like black or white soot, threaded piles, dirt, colored spots (like grey, green, brown, pink or orange), and small black spots. Make sure you connect with the best mold removal company in the town to best mold cleaning. 

What is the Process of Mold Cleaning followed by Professional Companies?

There are two levels of mold spread. However, the clean-up process is quite the same for both levels. Here are some detailed steps that will be followed by a professional and experienced mold removal company:

  • Repair the Water Issue – The professional mold removal companies will first identify water and leakage issues and will repair them. This will prevent new mold flourishing and new mold spores from spreading.
  • Isolate – The next step followed by the professionals is to isolate the contaminated area from the rest of the property. This will stop mold spreading to other areas of the house. In severe cases, all the openings and doorways are covered with the 6 mil polyethylene sheets. This will seal the entire area with duct slip and tape openings to prevent people from entering into the contaminated areas. 
  • Suppress Dust – It is essential to suppress all the dust particles traveling in the house environment. Professional mold removal companies use advanced cleaning methods to suppress dust by misting the contaminated areas. It is to be noted that every process is carried under professional supervision and strict safety guidelines.
  • Remove Materials – Professionals carry an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) document that enlists the types of mold that should be removed from the house surface. They work in a team comprising of seniors and supervisors to guide them throughout the process.
  • Materials placed in Plastic Bags – The mold removal cleaners will now discard all the mold and wet materials in a disposable plastic bag. Inexperienced cleaners might use inappropriate plastic bags for this purpose. But the professionals will only use 6 mil thick and double-bag plastic bags for this purpose. The process doesn’t end here; the bag is then cleaned with a cleaning solution and dry cloth to eradicate any possibilities of mold recurrence. 
  • Cleaning – Once the entire walls are cleared from mold damages, the professionals will start cleaning all the wood surfaces and non-porous items in the house. A special wired brush is used for this purpose. Again, all the dirt and trash are collected in an approved plastic bag and disposed of safely outside the house. All the surfaces are then rinsed properly with the cleaning agent and clean water.
  • Visibility Test – Once the cleaning is done, the mold removal professionals will undertake a visibility test of the entire property. It is to be noted that all the areas should be free of debris, mold, and contamination. It is also crucial that all the walls are completely dry and clean.
  • Replacement of Items – Once the entire property is free from mold damages the professionals will bring back all the items and place them safely in the house. To speed up drying; fans and dehumidifiers will be used to increase the room temperature. If any items are damaged the professionals will repair it and place it back on its place. 
Mold Removal Service

Mold Removal Service

Why Professional Intervention is Crucial?

Professional mold removal companies will not only remove mold from your property but will also guide you to prevent its recurrence in the future.

  • Healthy Environment – Mold can give rise to certain severe health issues. People with allergies are at the highest risk. Experts recommend mold removal professional hiring as they have all the knowledge, tools, and equipment required to get rid of mold permanently. They also follow strict safety procedures to protect themselves from mold infections. It is to be noted that the mold removal process should be initiated at an early stage to avoid severe consequences.
  • Control Spread – We all know how fast mold spreads from one area to another. Trying your luck or using wrong cleaning methods can boost the mold spread to other rooms as well. Mold remediation companies have a team of trained and qualified professionals who know this process. They aim to control further spread from mold damages. This is the reason they target areas like duct pipes and HVAC systems for cleaning. Handling things on your own can multiply the danger of mold spread. 
  • Enhance Real Estate Value – Nobody would like to invest in a mold-infested property. Buyers constantly search for properties that are safe and have no leakage or mold issues. If you are looking forward to selling your property, make sure you have undergone a thorough mold cleaning and mold checking procedure. A professional inspection and certification can multiply your real estate value. Make sure you get this process done before mold damages the core foundation of the structure of the property.

Things to consider before hiring a Professional Mold Remediation Company

Do you know how daunting and tedious a mold removing task is? If you are thinking of handling the process individually, you should reconsider your decision. Hiring a professional mold removal company can prove to be a time saving, cost-saving, and wise decision. Again, it’s not that easy! Here are some essential things that you should consider before hiring a professional mold removal near me.

  • Knowledge and Experience – Mold removal is a complex and detailed task. Make sure you select a company that is experienced in this domain. Their team should have relevant knowledge and experience of handling mold remediation functions efficiently. 
  • Licensed – You should always trust a mold remediation company that is certified and licensed to offer mold removal services. This also ensures that the company follows all the relevant and approved safety standards.
  • Online Reviews – Don’t forget to check the online reviews posted by the past clients of the mold removal company. These testimonials are the reflection of their working standards and quality of results. You can also connect with some of the customers to know their personal experience with the company.
  • Equipment and Tools – A good mold removal company is the one that is well-equipped with the latest equipment and cleaning agents required in the mold removal process. Meet the professionals to understand their working style and cleaning process. They should have safety gear for their workers plus approved disposable plastic bags to carry the infectious mold and other harmful materials. 
  • Past Projects – If you have a mold infestation in the larger part of the property, you need to assess the past projects handled by a mold remediation company. Make sure you discuss all your concerns and expectations in advance. Also, don’t fall into false promises and commitments
  • Cost – Mold remediation services are comparatively costlier than other restoration services. You must discuss all the cost related matters before signing the contract. Avoid going for a company that promises versatile services at a cheap rate. Instead, select a company that can offer you a wide range of services at affordable rates. 
Mold Removal Cost

Mold Removal Cost

Mold Removal Cost

How much does mold removal cost? You see, on an average, mold remediation cost is somewhere around $2,325. However, the majority of the homeowners spend in the range of $1,500 to $3,150 or around $15 to $31 per square foot. The total cost for the small-scale mold removal project will lie in the range of $500 to $3,150. 

On the other hand, a large scale project can cost you in the range of $3,000 to $6,000. If you are lucky and the mold area is limited to 10 square feet or less, this cost can shrink up to $50. The crux is you can get your mold removal process done with a minimum cost of $500 and the maximum cost of $6,000.

However, in some cases, this amount can be higher if the mold damages spread and the total area is high. Mold mitigation charges can vary according to where and amount of mold present. Ideally, the professionals can charge you in the range of $75 to $108 per hour. 

Please note that the cost meter will continue going up if you leave the mold spread unattended for a longer period. This might also include the cost drywall, subflooring, lumber, and siding. This can increase the total cost by $5,000 and even beyond that.

Get Rid of Harmful Mold with the Help of Professionals

Having excess humidity and moisture in the property can give rise to mold damages on the walls. Professional mold removal companies have expertise in identifying the mold sources and treat them before multiplying further. Their main objective in every mold removal project is to prevent its recurrence. 

Immediate action will ensure that the mold is stopped from spreading to other areas of the home. Apart from this, mold is a root cause of various severe health issues. Professionals have a thorough understanding of mold infestation and removal process. They have all the relevant tools and cleaning solutions to get rid of mold permanently. 

Mold removal is a complex process, and you should only trust a reputed company. We are a leading name in this industry and aim to offer reliable and permanent solutions. If you are looking for a reputed name, we can ensure a safe and happy environment for your homes. We have a team of experienced mold removal cleaners who are well-aware of the intricacies of this industry. Connect with home improvement today for more details.