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Old furniture, if not taken care of, can drastically harm the aesthetic of your room. This is one of the main reasons why most people prefer to undergo a furniture restoration process. The popularity of antique furniture restoration has grown ten folds over the last few decades, thanks to the newer technologies available that make your oldest worn-off furniture appear like brand new ones. But for those of you who aren’t experienced in furniture restoration, it might be a tough task to figure out everything in the right way. And that’s why we are here to break down all the tiniest details of the art of antique furniture restoration. So before you go ahead to your work desk, turn on your computer and search “furniture restoration near me”, make sure that you pay attention to this in-depth article.

Furniture Restoration – Definition

Furniture Restoration

Furniture Restoration

When we speak of restoration, hardware furniture restoration is what we mean. The process of restoration involves the tackling of any aspect of work that requires resurrecting the lost glory and shape of your old worn and torn furniture.

  • It can be an old chair or a table or anything else, which might have lost its glory and shone. But with scientific restoration procedure, you can simply bet on helping that piece of furniture to return to its glorious state as it once was.
  • It’s all about making that furniture usable once again by adding significant value to it. All restorers aim to bring that damaged furniture back to as close as it can be to its previous form.
  • Professional furniture restorers have a keen desire to pluck a piece of forgotten furniture and restore it to its former history. The art and science of restoration are similar to giving life to a dead piece to furniture.

Nothing is impossible for a furniture restorer and if you have such a piece of the woodwork at your home that needs some special care, make sure that you search for “furniture restoration near me” and reach out to an experienced furniture restoration service provider. We are certain that you would be amazed by the end product produced at the end of the furniture restoration process.

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Furniture Restoration Near Me – Advantages 

Furniture Restoration

Furniture Restoration

Most of us have some furniture at home that we are particularly keen on. As we have those furniture pieces at our homes, over time, we tend to develop a special relationship with the furniture. Whether it’s the first sofa you bought new or a member of the family that your grandparents passed on to you. So, with antique furniture restoration, you can simply ensure that your family history isn’t lost. Here are the main advantages of restoring your old furniture:

  • Adding New Style to Your Old Furniture: If your furniture is getting a little older, that’s no excuse why it can’t live long. Restoring or repairing that furniture properly will make it look new. If you want to give your old furniture a full makeup to match your changing tastes, or just want to restore the original glory to help enhance your home’s vintage look, there’s no substitute for restoration hardware furniture.
  • It’s less costly than buying a new one: Anyone who has ever owned or runs a home knows that shopping prospects for new furniture can be highly expensive at times. Even if the component you need to replace is in a piece of furniture that seems expensive, it will still be considerably cheaper than the price tag of something new. If you are facing trouble to decide whether restoration is the best choice for you instead of buying new furniture, let us assure you that the former is the best decision you can take. You will save a lot of money at the end of the restoration process.
  • Restoration is a more eco-friendly option: By restoring your old furniture instead of buying new ones, you’re doing your part in preserving the environment. Scientific research has shown that you can substantially reduce your carbon footprint simply by restoring and refurbishing your old furniture. Producing new furniture leads to the generation of 1000 times more carbon footprint into the atmosphere as compared to the reconstruction or restoration method. Now you do the math! With the world constantly being threatened by environmental degradation, what seems to be a better option for you?
Furniture Reconstruction

Furniture Reconstruction

Getting Started: Things to consider

Now that you are sure that furniture reconstruction is the best option for you, you should consider a few factors involved in the operations. Here are the things you need to consider before going ahead with your furniture reconstruction process:

  • Is it worth the effort? Certain kinds of woods are simply not worth the time and effort you are about to put in restoring it. In other scenarios, when a particular wooden piece has developed numerous scars, the professional restorers simply paint the surface to hide those scars. These hidden scars are therefore not removed, and instead, they are camouflaged. That is certainly not a good idea. When you have decided to restore your furniture, make sure that you consult with your restorer and ask him upfront if the task would be worth it in the long term.
  • How many complications are involved in the process? Depending upon what exactly you want out of your furniture restoration process, there might be some complications associated with it. For instance, if you wish to get a completely new look from your existing wooden work, then it is obvious that the task would be a bit more complicated one, besides being expensive. However, if you want to simply restore the furniture’s original look, the task would be less complicated and the entire job could be completed quickly.
  • Preserve the wood’s grain: If you are unsure about how the furniture restoration techniques are applied, let us clarify the process with you. To make the restoration process work, some chemical solutions are applied to its surface to ensure peeling out the old layers and then the new layers are painted in order to offer it with a fresh look. However, while applying the chemical, often the wood’s grains might get damaged. It is only the ability of an expert professional to avoid such a mistake. Once the wood’s grain is hurt, it never remains the same. It’s like the DNA of a human being; the more you tamper it, the more changes and damage you will bring on to the human being. The same goes for the wood. Therefore, you must always be careful and so should your furniture restoring specialist.
  • Doing it Yourself: Well, there are many enthusiasts who like to try their hands onto the aspects of antique furniture restoration. Well, in that case, we would warn you before you decide any such DIY thing. Unless you are a professional furniture restorer yourself, you should steer clear of reconstructing your own vintage furniture. The reason is quite a simple one and that is, if you are not sure what you’re doing, there’s a fair probability that you would end up damaging your centuries-old furniture. And guess what, once you damage it significantly, it would be impossible for even the best professionals to bring it back to its best shape. Therefore, be wise and choose a professional to take care of your job.
Valuable furniture restoration tips

Valuable furniture restoration tips

Valuable Restoration Tips

Once you are ready to start with your restoration plan, you should follow these tips that we have provided below to ensure a hassle-free process:

  • Devote enough time to your project: We understand that you are busy and you may not have just enough time to keep an eye on all the tiniest details involved in the furniture repair and restoration process. But trust us, you should manage some time out of your daily chores to ensure that the entire task is carried out without any flaws. Of course, you can trust your professional experts to carry out the job. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t pay attention to whatever they are doing.
  • Research: Before hiring an expert, make sure that you verify the real value of your furniture. If it’s really valuable, you must not tamper with its quality. Instead, you must consult with a professional beforehand to avoid any future damage. As we mentioned earlier, in case you find out that your furniture isn’t worth the trouble to restore, you might want to consider your intentions once again.
  • Establish your budget: If you don’t have a precise budget plan in place, it’s easy to see money flowing out of the window without you noticing it. Nothing in this world can run smoothly if you don’t have a proper plan and to make your restoration process a fruitful one and a productive one as well as an economic one simultaneously, make sure that you prepare a budget beforehand.
  • Keep Imagining: You must be certain about what you wish your new restoration project looks like once it is completed. If possible, make a sketch of what appearance you wish your furniture to don at the end of the project. Accordingly, instruct the professional about your intentions and he shall prepare the exact thing that you originally had in your mind.
  • Check out for insurance: Every restoration company has some insurance associated with their employees’ safety. Now, before you hire an agency, make sure that they have something of that sort in place. You wouldn’t want any of those workers to get injured while working on your project and being not covered by their employers. In that case, you would have to cover the injury expenses, which is not desirable from your point of view.
  • Get the supplies together: When working on a restoration project, it is indeed understandable that you would require getting hold of a wide array of instruments and equipment. Now, there are fair chances that the agency you hire would bring their equipment to the field. But there are also other things that you might have to make available from your end. Again, consult your restoration expert and ask them if you need to provide anything of that sort. Preparing a concrete plan beforehand would help you avoid a lot of hassles in the future when the time comes.
Woodwork Restoration

Woodwork Restoration

Woodwork Restoration Costs

Now let us quickly dive into the main aspect of the restoration hardware furniture process, which is the expense associated with individual projects.

Depending on the location of your building, the cost of undergoing a restoration process might fluctuate to some extent. However, here we have outlined the basic average expense you might need to bear.


  • A basic chair strip and refinish might cost somewhere between $125 and $200.
  • A basic dresser strip and refinish might cost anywhere between $300 and $475.
  • A basic coffee table restoration is likely to cost somewhere between $150 and $250.
  • Generally, a flat rate is charged by the restoration companies. However, if you have a huge task in hand, certain companies might prefer to charge you on an hourly basis.


To be more clear about the matter, we advise you to speak with the company you wish to hire.

Let’s Do It!

So now we believe that you have enough knowledge about the restoration of your furniture. Now simply go ahead and search for the best companies that offer furniture restoration near me, and you would get an extensive list of experts.

In case you wish to work with an experienced company, make sure that you contact us. We have been involved in the sector for decades now and our experience has added value to thousands of households in the United States. It’s your time to get hold of the best restoration service there is, and we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

It’s finally time that you add some shine to your long lost glorious piece(s) of furniture. History could be forgotten, unless you attempt to restore its glory, and the same theory applies to your age-old furniture.

Contact us today at restoration services near me to learn more. Or you can simply leave a comment below and our furniture restoration experts will get back to you at the earliest.