Rolled roofing is one of the easiest and affordable ways to cover your roof. When someone talks about roofing, they always discuss the material they want to use, the different types of roofing material on market, their prices and so on. And there’s one question that always pops up- Which is the cheapest and yet durable material that can be used for roofing companies?

Though there are a few options, If you are tired of spending too much money on roofing and roofers, this article is going to be your life saviour. We will not only outline the details of rolled roofing but also tell you ways to install it.

If you are interested, keep on reading. Here are the things we will cover in this article:

  • What is rolled roofing?
  • Pros and cons  of roofing
  • How to install Roll on Roofing?
  • How much will be the cost of such roofing?
  • Durability of such roofing

If you spend just five minutes of your day reading this content, you will know exactly what you want to.

Rolled Roofing
Rolled Roofing

Rolled Roofing – What is roll roofing?

Roll on Roofing or MSR is a lightweight mineral based material that resembles asphalt shingles. However, it is much cheaper and less durable than asphalt. The material comes in long rolls of about 100 square feet and weighs somewhere around 80-85 pounds. The sheets usually are about 40 feet long and need to be placed horizontally.

To cover your roof with MSR roofing, you need to cut the sheets into parts and then lay them down in a horizontal position throughout your roof. You might wonder that if the rolls resemble asphalt, do they also function like asphalt? Well, the answer is no. 

Asphalt is much more durable and as a result, much more expensive. Asphalt sheets are resistant to harsh weather and protect your roof for decades on end. Also, they have a shiny finish which is absent in MSR sheets. To know more about metal roofing.

Rolled roofing is not as resistant as asphalt but is not too flimsy either. It is a moderate material that does the job of protecting your roof for a short period of time. MSR will last you for about five years after which you will need to repair or reinstall it. 

Rolled Roofing Materials : Where can you use roofing?

Rolled Roofing Materials
Rolled Roofing Materials

Since MSR roofing is not that durable, it is not suitable for a permanent residence. Your house needs to have a stronger protection like asphalt, tiles or rubber roofing. But don’t think that MSR roofing is useless and does not serve any purpose.

You can use rolled roofing materials for buildings other than your house. 

Here’s where you can use this material:

  • Your garage or a parking lot. It doesn’t make much sense to spend too much on garage roofing. So, you can use MSR sheets there. Also, if you own a parking lot, you can build a MSR roof to provide a shed to the parked vehicles.
  • Storage rooms outside your house. Many people have large rooms where they store their working material or junk products. Cover such spaces with MSR roofing.
  • Tree houses. Every kid desires a tree house where they can hide their treasure maps and toys. To build a sturdy and safe tree house, use rolled roofing materials. keep reading our articles to know more about Tpo roofing.
  • Animal sheds. If you own or know someone who owns horse stables or cattle farms, you can use or suggest them to use MSR roofing. Animals too need protection from harsh weather but you don’t need to spend your fortune to build a roof. Just go for roll roofing.

Rolled Roofing Installation – Process Step by Step

Rolled Roofing

Rolled Roofing

So you want to DIY your roof? Don’t worry. We have the answer for that. The first thing is you should check whether your roof is suitable for Rolled Roofing Installation or not. Roll roofing is suited to houses that have roofs with downward incline.  After you have checked the slope of your roof, follow the steps written below.

Step 1- Take your roll and cut a 16-18 inch broadsheet. Lay it on your cemented roof and smooth it out with your hand or a big spatula.

Step 2- Place your sheet such that there is at least 0.25 inch of the sheet left after you cover the edge of your roof slope. Now, hammer iron or steel nails at a distance of every 3 inch. This will fix the sheet in its position.

Step 4- After fixing the end of the sheet to the edge, spread the rest of it  on your roof horizontally. You are now done with laying your first layer.

Step 5- Place the next layer of sheet in the same manner. You can overlap one sheet with another by about 5 inches. Use sturdy nails to secure the sheets in their position. 

Step 6- To provide extra protection, use some roofing cement on your first layer and place the next sheet on that cemented layer. 

The final thickness of your roofing should range from 10-15 inches. This will make sure that your building is well protected. However, if you face difficulty in following the steps, contact a professional roofing contractor. DIYs may seem tempting but they don’t always work out.

Yes, you can save your money by doing the roofing yourself but if the final result turns out to be faulty, you will have to put in extra resources and ultimately seek the help of someone else. We are not stopping you from going the DIY way. We just want you to ask whether  you are confident about your roofing skills.

Roll Roofing – Pros of MSR roofing

You might have realized that MSR roofing has numerous applications. Now that you know Rolled Roofing Installation process, you might also want to know the advantages of doing so. Here are few of the innumerable benefits that you get from MSR.

  • It is undeniable that Rolled Roofing Cost is inexpensive and absolutely affordable. The material you get is worth every penny and sufficiently protects your roof. This means that you can opt for MSR without burning a hole in your pocket. If your budget is tight or you want to increase your savings, go for MSR roofing for buildings other than your house.
  • As a cherry on the top, this type of roofing doesn’t necessarily need the help of professional roofers. If you have the basic knowledge and skills, you can lay the roofing yourself. However, if you are inexperienced and do not know the procedures of roofing, we would always advise you to call a professional roofing contractor. It is better to spend a little money than causing injury to yourself.
  • We have told you that MSR roofing does not last as long as other roofing materials. But there’s a catch. You can easily repair the roofing by piling other MSR sheets over the already existing ones. When other roofing materials get worn out, they have to be completely removed and then a new material has to be put in.

However, that is not the case with Rolled Roofing Cost. So, practically, you don’t have to put in much effort when the time comes to repair the roof. It is perfect for people who are lazy to repair the roofing or who don’t have enough budget to go for other material.

Roll on Roofing – Cons of MSR roofing

Roll on Roofing
Roll on Roofing

Just like the flip side of a coin, MSR roofing has its disadvantages too. Before you decide to buy any roofing material, you should be aware of both the pros and cons. So, we have jotted down the disadvantages that you should expect if you decide to buy MSR sheets.

  • Yes, you know the obvious point. Rolled roofing is not durable. It might last you about five years but after that, you will have to change or repair the roofing. Such repairs will be very inconvenient for your house. That is why we always recommend MSR roofing for buildings where you don’t reside in. As we have already cited, you can use this type of roofing in garages, tree houses etc.
  • MSR roofing sheets are flimsy when you put them on your roof. This is because you secure them with nails but they don’t actually have a solid support. They are prone to wear and tear if there is snowfall, rain or a moderate storm in your area. This is why you should always layer your roof with at least 4 sheets on top of one another. keep reading to know more about roofing companies.

Putting multiple layers will minimize the risk of damage and help in preventing major damages. However, if your sheets are already very old, they might fail to survive calamities even if they have multiple layers. So, make sure you check in what condition your roofing is in.

  • The roll sheets do not have  many variations in color and patterns. They just come in a mundane, dark grey color which does not look very flattering on any house. However, if you are not interested in aesthetics and want a practical and easy solution, rolled roofing is your thing. To be honest, if you have a small roof, it’s appearance is not going to dramatically affect the look of your entire house. To know more about roll roofing.

Rolled Roofing Cost – Cost of MSR roofing

When you visit the market, you will know that there are different grades of roll roofing sheets. The material is divided on the basis of its durability and strength. So, there are 3 categories of roll sheets- Basic, Moderate and Best. It is obvious that the price of the basic material is least while the best material is the most expensive.

If you calculate the cost of per square foot, you will find these prices-

Basic- $4/ square foot

Moderate-$5/square foot

Best-$6/square foot

To cover your roof, it is better to buy and keep a bit extra. According to our experience, we have seen that customers generally buy four sheets for their roofs. 

The average cost for-

 Basic material ranges around $160-170

 Moderate material ranges around $180-200

 Best material ranges around $220-240

If you can do the roofing by yourself, this will be the total cost that you will need to pay in order to get your rolled roofing done. However, if you want to hire a professional roofer, you would have to pay their charges as well. On an average, professional roofing contractors charge around $40-50 per hour for installing roofing material.

However, you can find roofers who can do your job at a lower price as well. If you need to repair your MSR roof, you will have to call the roofers. For repairing, they charge much less. If you have only minor damages, your problem will be resolved in just $10-20. This is because MSR roofing does not require much effort to be mended.

Roll Roofing – Conclusion

There you go! We have told you all about roofing. We hope you have found the answers to all your questions and can now make an informed decision whether you want to buy MSR sheets or not. If you have reached till the end of the article, we are sure you have learnt how to install rolled roofing, its pros and prices. 

Making people aware of every roofing material gives us a sense of satisfaction and we hope that you too will leave the page feeling satisfied. If you want our opinion, we would tell you to go for rolled roofing for places other than your house. The rest depends on your perspective and the budget you can afford.

To know more about Rolled Roofing you can visit our home page restoration services.