Roll roofing is the evergreen choice for most of the shops, garages, offices, and other buildings. The reason is pretty simple because Rolled roofing companies is easier to install at an affordable price. 

A house without a proper roofing structure is just like a naked person. So, one should carefully choose the roofing style, design, texture, and types. If you are searching for high-quality roofing on a low budget, then roll roofing is the best choice. 

If you want to avail of this roofing service, then we are here to offer the best services at an affordable rate. Even if you get more offers along with warranty and guarantee. Our professional roofer contractors always guide you in maintaining the roofings. 

However, one should decide the best roll roofing service based on several factors such as pros, cons, types, etc. Do you want to know more about these roofings? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Just go ahead and explore more about the rolled roofing. To know more about stone coated steel roofing.

Roll Roofing
Roll Roofing

Roll Roofing – Definition

It’s also known as mineral-surfaced roofing or simply MSR. Usually, it comes in several rolls. These rolls are cheaper, light-weight, less durable, and thinner than the normal asphalt shingles. These rolls would be a maximum of 100 square feet.  

These roll roofings are most used by many people and available in almost all the home improvement stores. The size of the single rolled roofing sheet will be 36 feet in length and 36 inches in breadth. 

Have you ever seen oil-based asphalt products? If yes, then the rolled roofings would be similar to these oil-based asphalt roofings. However, there are several differences between the two roofings. These rolled roofings are lightweight, not so long-lasting, thinner, cheap, and horizontally installed. Usually, the roll roofings weigh about 75 pounds per roll. If you are thinking about its availability, no worry. Because they are available in several home improvement stores, online stores, etc as discussed earlier. 

There are also several other names for this roll roofing. These include asphalt prepared roofing, cold-process roofing, rolled roofing, roofing felt, saturated felt, self-finished roofing felt, prepared roofing, and many more. 

The less expensive of rolled roofing is due to its lightweight nature. As these sheets are thinner, they get attacked in hot temperatures due to the contraction and expansion process. 

Types of Rolled Roofing – Complete Information

Types of Rolled Roofing

Types of Rolled Roofing

There are several kinds of roll roofing such as single coverage roofing, double coverage roofing, fiber rolled roofing, bitumen roofing, etc. Want to know more about its types. If yes, then here is the complete information about the various types of Rolled Roofing. Keep reading to know more about roofing companies.

Rubber rolled roofing

Usually, this rolled roofing is made using sawdust, slate dust, recycled items, waste material, etc. This is one of the most used roofing services by most people. The best part of this service is that it’s easy to install in a minimum budget. 

In general, these roofings are installed by overlapping sheets on the cleaner and flat surfaces of the roof. Besides the above-mentioned uses, these roofing types are long-lasting, cheap, and easy to maintain. 

EPDM rolled roofing

It is also a kind of rubber roofing membrane. This material is made up of less expensive recycled rubber. The material is less weight, durable. And easy to install even. Do you know these roofings can extend their lifespan up to 20 years if maintained properly?

You no need to add any additional material for strengthening the roofing. This is leakage free and stronger roofing material.

TPO roofing

This is also called Thermoplastic Polyolefin(TPO). This is one of the most preferred roofing materials for most of the people due to its high durability and less expense. This roofing material comprises two strong propylene: Polypropylene and ethylene propylene. 

Make sure you choose from the most trusted store. Because several people use fault techniques to manufacture these TPO roofings to earn more profits. So, be careful while choosing the best TPO roofing

These are cheaper than the above two roofings and highly durable and protects the building from heat. Also, prevents algae, corrosion, and heat. 

Bitumen rolled roofing

This type of roofing is newly introduced in the market in both self-adhesive and cold-adhesive forms. This mostly resembles the asphalt roofing. It has high longevity that usually does not tear off for several years. 

Here are the few more types of roofings. 

  • Single coverage roofings with a thickness of 55 to 90 pounds per 100 square feet. 
  • Double coverage roofings with a thickness of 110 to 140 pounds per 100 square feet.
  • Mixed rag fiber: Usually, this roofing type is cheaper than any other roofing and has the least life span. 
  • Plastic fibers
  • Fiberglass: This is the evergreen and long-lasting rolled roofing. 
  • Bitumen roofing
  • Modified bitumen
  • Uncoated: Highly used roofing type 
  • Self-adhesive: This is simpler and easier to apply
  • Touchable sheets: This is also one of the most common roofing types. 
  • Sand roofing
  • Stone waste: Lasts longer and gives an elegant look 
  • Uncoated roofing type

These are the few types of roofing types. Confused to choose the best roofing pattern for your building? If yes, then don’t worry. Because our design specialist staff is here to help you in choosing the best design that suits the building.  

Roll roofing is pretty common for most of the small commercial buildings. However, these are also cheaper and last for a few years at an affordable price budget. So, most of the people prefer this type of roofing service. 

Roofing RollUses

In general, these rolled roofings are used mostly by the owners of garages, shops, tree houses, working places, etc. And this type of roofing is mostly suitable for less sloping roofs with a horizontal declination of 12 inches and vertical declination of 1 inch. 

Here are a few uses of roofing roll. 

  • This roofing is cost-efficient. Usually, less expensive than the composite shingle roofing. 
  • Easy to install and maintain. All you need to do is just roll out the complete sheet over the roof. 
  • Easy to transport the rolled sheets wherever you want. Because these are less in weight. So, easy to handle even.
  • Adaptable roofing texture. Suitable for almost all the buildings. 
  • These roofs come in various forms, styles, designs, and textures. 
  • These roofing types can be re-roofed on the various other roofs such as asphalt roofs, etc.

These are the few benefits of rolled roofings. Now, it’s time to know more about its installation process. 

Roll Roofing Installation – Process

Roll Roofing Installation
Roll Roofing Installation

The roofings are the best choice for people who wish to install high-quality roofing sheets at an affordable price. No heavy carpentry work, instruments, gadgets, etc are required to Roll Roofing Installation. All you need to know is basic carpentry works. To know more about metal roofing.

Usually, the warranty for rolled roofings will be one year. Make sure you check the warranty before buying any sheets. Double layers sheets last even longer than the single coverage method roofings. 

Usually, it takes a few hours to install rolled roofing and requires basic carpentry skills. Moreover, three would be no complications.

Tools Required: Hammer or power nailer, tape, broom, chalk line, knife, tin snips, carpenter’s square, and a flat pry bar. 

Other materials: Flashing, nails, primer, roll roofing, and roofing cement. 

Installation process:

The installation process is easier. Follow the below-given steps for proper installations. 

  • Roofing felt, WSU and drip-edge flashings need to be installed initially. 
  • Mostly, an 18-inch wide strip of roll roofing is installed instead of metal valley flashing. Remove all the dirt and dust from the roof. Then, drive the nails near the edges of the roof. 
  • Attach the course with the nails. Pin the nails of about 3 inches near the edges. You can even add a 3-foot wide strip for more protection.
  • Now, attach the second sheet. It should overlap the first sheet by 4 inches. After that, snap a chalk line and roll it out. 
  • Spread the roof cement on the sheet. On the edge of the first cement, spread the 6-inch wide layer. 
  • Spread roofing cement on to the sheets. Cut the unnecessary part of cement and sheets. 
  • Attach the final piece and then adjust it. 

This is all about the roll roofing installation process. Nothing is perfect in this universe. In the same way, this rolled roofing also has both pros and cons. Want to know more about the pros and cons of this rolled roofing. If yes, then here it is.

Roll on Roofing – Pros

  • The cost of this roofing is very low when compared to the other shingles. Even the materials related to this rolled roofing are very inexpensive. 
  • If you want to cover the low-inclined roofs, then this is the best choice. All you need to do is just roll out the sheets. However, this does not require any complex carpentry works. 
  • Easy to install as it rolls down quickly. 
  • As these are less in weight, these roofings can be transported easily from one place to another place. These usually weigh about 70 pounds and are sealed tightly. 
  • These roofing sheets can be cut in any size based on the requirements. So, they are very adaptable even. 
  • If you find it difficult to remove the initial roofing. Then you can directly re-roof using these roll roofings. 
  • These roofings can be used in several new buildings to old buildings such as garages, shops, commercial buildings, a few residential buildings, and many more. 

These are the few pros of the roll on roofing. Though they are less expensive, easy to install and maintain these also have a few cons as follows. keep reading to know more about roofing companies in Louisville Kentucky.

Rolled RoofingCons of Roofing

Rolled Roofing
Rolled Roofing

Several people prefer roll on roofing because of their maintenance, cost, and installation process. Here are the few cons of the rolled roofing. 

  • These are mostly found in black color only. Sometimes, you even find colors such as green, grey, and tan. However, if you would like to change the color of the sheets, then it’s impossible. So, you have to adjust to the color of these shingles. 
  • These are not long-lasting when compared to the other roofings. Because they have a big sheet that could not contract and expand based on the requirements. So, when exposed to too much heat or a cold frequently, they wear off soon. 
  • It’s not so attractive. These are less attractive roofings with shingles. Sometimes, gated communities’ house owners do not allow this type of roofing. 
  • These can only last for a few years. But the only benefit from this roofings is that these can be moved from one place to another as you change your house. 


Roll roofing is one of the best choices for commercial purposes rather than residential housings. So, want to avail of our services? If yes, then all you need to do is just give us a call and we would be in front of you soon. 

We have huge experience, specialists, and experts in different fields. So, they can guide you individually from the scratch. We even respond quickly and offer high-quality services at a basic price. 

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