Residential Electrician: Finding the best residential technician might be a bit difficult but you can certainly find one after proper research. Just searching for electricians on Google isn’t enough. You need to know more about them and about their tasks. Only then can you actually pinpoint the right kind of electrician for your requirements. Here has been shared all the information regarding electrician near me experts.

There are basically two categories of electricians- Residential and Commercial. Commercial electricians are associated with tasks for commercial buildings, offices and sites. The electricians you see working on electrical poles in your city come under commercial electricians.

Now, what is a residential electrician? Suburban electricians are individuals who handle electrical requirements of residences, apartments and similar private properties. They are specially equipped to handle issues which arise within any household. Handling wires and electrical equipment by yourself is definitely a bad idea. Hence, it’s important to keep a electrician in your contact list. 

You might argue that both commercial electricians and residential have similar functions and there is no need to separately opt for any electrician. However, that isn’t true. Commercial electricians are adjusted to deal with high voltage and power while residential electricians are familiar with the nuances and problems that arise in your house. 

Now that you know about the importance of electricians, let us check what services they provide and how they can serve your needs. We will also be covering the cost required to avail electrical services and also discuss the skills you need to look out for in your electrician.

Residential Electrician

Residential Electrician: Services provided by an Expert

Your home electrician will check meter readings, repair and install electrical equipment and also plan and layout the basic wiring structure of your house. In short, they will deal with every sort of electricity related issue in your house.

We have observed that customers often have problems with  constantly changing voltages in their homes. This damages every electrical equipment in your house and causes a lot of inconvenience. In some cases, this even leads to overheating of devices like cell phones, water heaters and air conditioners.

This issue can arise either due to faults in your city’s power supply center or because of a poor wiring plan in your house. It can also happen if you use faulty and cheap devices that consume a lot of power. In such cases, a residential electrician can come to your rescue. They will figure out the problem and provide the appropriate solution.

If the issue is due to a faulty device, they will ask you to replace it. In case you have a poor wiring plan, they will suggest you different ideas to mend the problem. You might sometimes need to change the entire electrical layout of your house. Yes, it might be a bit cumbersome but it will save you lots of money and inconvenience.

At times, people use high power devices in low voltage sockets. This ultimately leads to increased electricity consumption, damage to your device and exorbitant bills. Before buying any appliance, read about the amount  of power it consumes. If you are not sure, call your electrician and ask for help.

Another major issue is faulty switches at homes. We all remember desperately trying to switch on our lights in vain, don’t we? This again can happen due to faulty wiring or using cheap devices. Never try to mend switches on your own. You don’t want to end up short-circuiting yourself, do you?

Call your residential electrician and ask him to repair the problem. Fixing switches is a minor and easy task. However, if you have to constantly keep repairing your switches, it might be time to look into the wiring and the circuit. Your electrician will navigate the problem and show the steps you need to take for a permanent solution.

The next issue on our list is frequent circuit breaks in residences. Such circuit breaks are very annoying and might result in permanent damage to your devices. Circuit breaks mainly occur when you overload a single circuit in your house. Never include multiple devices to a single circuit, especially if they are high wattage systems. 

When you do this, the electricity each device receives is much less as well as your circuit fails to run all the devices simultaneously. Have at least three circuits in your home and spread your devices accordingly. Never attach more than five devices to one circuit. Try to avoid including two or more high power systems in one circuit.

Let’s say you want to want to install an air conditioner and a refrigerator. They both consume a lot of power. So, connect them to two different circuits. You might get confused in the entire process and it is best to call in a residential electrician. They will deftly suggest you the changes and make your work much easier.

If you cannot afford to include multiple circuits, we have another solution and it’s very simple. Do not run multiple devices at once. If you have only one circuit, try using only two devices at a time. To be honest, people waste a lot of electricity and taking this step will help in cutting down your expenses as well. Let us illustrate.

Let us assume that your television set and air conditioner are connected to the same circuit. If you need to switch on the air conditioner, do not turn on your television. Watching television isn’t urgent and it can definitely wait. In this way, none of your devices will be overburdened and you will also get what you want.

Electricians also help you to fix dim lights at home. Poor lighting  puts a strain on your eyes and makes it impossible to work. So, if you are experiencing such issues, immediately call your electrician. Don’t take it casually or compromise on your comfort. Having dim lights make homes look haunted and gloomy. But most importantly, they don’t allow you to carry on with your tasks.

Your issue might be simple. You just might need to change your lights or use proper wattage bulbs. Your electrician will fix the problem in no time and bring back the brightness to your home. Never compromise on the amount of light you have in your house. Most of us work at night and would always require proper lighting in their rooms.

These were some of the services home electricians provide you with. You don’t need to fix anything by yourself because just like fire, electricity too is dangerous.

Electricians: Cost of services


Now that you know about the services, you might want to know about the costs. Well, the rates vary depending on the skill set and the experience of the electricians you hire. But on an average, it costs around 50$ per hour for small repairs and goes up to 200$ per hour  for more complex services. 

Not mending electrical problems is going to cost you much more than the service charges. Hence, keep the long term benefits in mind before you shy away from hiring an electrician. If you find the rates to be too high, you can ask your electrician to negotiate the price for you. Better still, you can search for residential electrician near me and skim through the results. You will definitely find an agreeable and affordable electrician.

Residential Electrician Job: Required Qualifications

No individual becomes an electrician in a day. In order to get certified, a residential electrician should have the following qualifications.

  • He/she  must complete their higher secondary education,
  • They  must be a part of an apprenticeship and 
  • They should have 2000-4800 hours of work experience.

Only if an individual has the following qualifications, he/she can serve the role of a residential electrician. If you are someone who wants to get started, you can join certain schools and programs that teach you all about the tasks electricians need to handle. 

If you are someone looking for a home electrician, make sure they have the required qualifications and have ample amount of work experience. While such electricians are not easy to find, you can seek help from your friends or refer to trusted electrical service providing companies.

You can find several residential electricians working under different companies. If you know any such trustworthy company, check out their services and contact with their electricians. But there are numerous electricians who work independently. Often, such electricians are highly skilled and are very confident about their services.

In case you come to know such individuals, always take an interest in their work profile and achievements as you know Residential Electrician Job is not a cup of tea. They are usually more skilled than those working under companies and are much more likely to give you better discounts on service rates. Since they work independently, they can work without any boundation and always deliver the best.

Electrician Tools: Protective gear and tools

Electrician Tools
Electrician Tools

As we mentioned before, dealing with electricity is definitely dangerous. One has to be very cautious and use the appropriate tools. Electrical shocks occur quite frequently and electricians must take care of it. Hence, they should always carry fireproof jackets, caps and glasses in order to protect themselves. They also use rubber slippers for better insulation.

Before you hire an electrician, make sure he has the protective gear for mending electrical equipment’s. Besides the gear, it is essential for an electrician to possess his own Electrician Tools box. These toolbox always come handy while solving issues. You do not need to keep any electrical equipment to your electricians. They are always expected to have their box with them. 

Electrician Residential
Electrician Residential

Electrician Residential: Time required to fix problems

The time an electrician takes to repair problems depends on the gravity of your problem and also on the skills of your electrician. Minor problems like fixing switchboards require only a few minutes whereas laying out the wiring plan for your house might take several days.

You just need to make sure that your electrician is consistent with his work and is doing his job perfectly. If that is the case, your problem will be solved within the expected time. However, if your electrician is insincere and gives lame excuses all the time, it might be the time to replace him with someone better.

Conclusion: The Finale Verdict

Before you decide to Google residential electrician near me, we would want you to thoroughly go through the noted points and understand the role of a Electrician Residential. Please ask him to mend services that is within the scope of his field. Also, don’t try to cover the tasks of an electrician by yourself.

Many people tape their wires together in order to repair electrical devices like stand fans or cellphone chargers. Do you really want to do this? Your electrician won’t be responsible if you get electrical shocks or your device gets permanently damaged. Call an electrician when you start getting the warning signs. Don’t wait for the apocalypse to happen.

Also, refer to an electrician even for minor problems. Do not try to fix things on your own. You might not know the proper color coding of wires and you might not understand how a device functions. Leave that for the electrician and he will surely help you out. If there are any queries regarding what is a residential electrician go through this article.

These were some of our reasons why you need to choose a Residential Electrician and how you can correctly choose them. For further guidance, you can look further into our WEBSITE and gain more knowledge about electricians.