Repairing water damaged drywall is a basically a gypsum panel that is sandwiched between thick sheets of backer paper and facer paper. While it is quite common to have drywalls in houses damaged due to water, here is a quick and easy to follow step-by-step guide to water damaged drywall repairing.

The fact that the gypsum is porous; it absorbs water and leads to mold development in the walls! Water generally leaks into the drywall from a leaky roof, condensation due to weather or air conditioning, flooding, excessive rains, etc. You can also take water damage restoration near me.

Repairing Water Damaged Drywall
Repairing Water Damaged Drywall

Repairing Water Damaged Drywall -Signs and Indications of a Drywall

The dampness also affects the wiring and causes electrical appliances like air conditioners, television, and dishwashers to malfunction. The damp portion, if untreated for a long time, carries a risk of falling out and injuring somebody. You can also take category 3 water damage for more details.

There are some signs of damaged drywalls, which you should be on the lookout for to let you assess the severity of the damage:

  • The walls have discolored patches of moisture and look damp
  • Parts of the wall seem to be bulging out
  • You can see warping on the wall
  • Rotten egg-like smell in the house due to the high sulfur content
  • Sulfur fumes also cause breathing problems, headaches, irritation in the eyes, and coughing, etc.

Water Damaged Drywall Repairing – Simple Steps to get

Here are some simple but effective ways in which you can repair and restore your water damaged drywalls at home:

  • The first step is to find the source of the damage. For example, if the damage is caused due to rains or floods, it is better to let them pass before beginning the repairs. If the damage is caused due to a burst pipe, turn off the faucet and repair the pipe first.
  • Using a knife or a drywall saw, scrape the damaged area. You can also cut out the damaged portion in a rectangle or square patch. This makes it easy to fit patches later on.
  • If the damage is small, use primer on the damaged area for painting. This should be done after cleaning the loose dust in the area with a brush. Once, this is done, paint over with regular wall paint.
  • If the damage is substantial, you will need to install a new piece of drywall. Measure the cut area (as explained in step-1) and cut a patch of the same size from a new drywall sheet.
  • Now, secure each piece with a drywall screw or clip. For additional security, you can use paper tape or mesh tape to cover the joints of the newly added pieces.
  • On this, apply at least two coats of drywall mud to secure the space properly. Smoothen out loose mud by scraping.
  • Now apply a primer before painting the surface for an even look.
Repairing Water Damaged Drywall Ceiling
Repairing Water Damaged Drywall Ceiling

Repairing Water Damaged Drywall Ceiling – Top 3 Companies in the USA

  1. Super Dry San Diego Flood Restoration, San Diego – If you have recently experienced any water damage drywall issues at your property, contact one of the best in San Diego! You can completely rely on their expertise and experience.
  2. Pro Clean Disaster Services, Chicago – As the name suggests, they are the professional water damage restoration company in Chicago. They can help you in bringing your life back to normal within the shortest possible time. They have a team of experienced technicians that offer repairing water damaged drywall services.
  3. Core Pro, Michigan – Providing emergency water damage restoration services since 1958, Core Pro is one of the most reliable companies in Michigan.

It is advised to consult professionals for repairing water damaged drywall. Measures like plugging cracks, using waterproof paints, and following proper drainage practices, go a long way in saving you from these damages. To get more information in this context contact the experts. You can also visit our page restoration services near me.