Garage door repair cost is the most important things that you need to keep in mind when you have a fully functional garage in your property. It is actually very dangerous to keep a damaged garage door. One can also go through garage door repair for additional information.

Here’s the deal a broken garage door can invite intruders in your house and may draw unwanted attention. The typical cost of repairing a garage door may cost around $190 depending on the size of the door and the extent of the problem. It might be as low as $85 or as high as $290. The replacement can go up to as high as $1020. People also search for exact garage door repair cost estimate. So, let us go through the post to get a detailed analysis on garage door repairs.

Garage Door Repair Cost
Garage Door Repair Cost

Garage door repair cost – Average cost

Now a garage door repair means there will the repair of different parts of the door like the springs or the openers. So let us see what can be the cost of repairing or replacing each such part:

∙  Springs: This is single-handedly the most important part of any garage door. If the springs are in bad shape, the doors might stop working altogether. Repairing it can cost around $50-$290.

∙  Opener: Openers are important, especially if the garage door is automatic. Repairing them can cost around $100-$190 depending on the type of the opener.

∙  Cables or chains: These are attached to the garage door if they are manual. The cost of repairing them can be around $120-$200.

∙  Tracks: Tracks help the garage door to open properly. So a broken or bend track needs immediate repair. It can cost around $125-$290.

∙  Panel: Panel repair can cost around $250-$800.

∙  Sensor: Sensors are important because they help in opening the garage door if you use remote control. It can cost around $85-$100.

∙  Locks: These are required for the security of your garage door. Repairing the garage door can cost around $95-$325.

How much does it cost to repair a garage door?

The garage door repair cost depends mainly on the material that the door is made of. Now let us have quick glance on how much does it cost to repair a garage door.

∙  Steel: Garage doors made of steel are the most durable ones. But that does not make it immune to damages. The cost of repairing such doors is typically around $100-$150.

∙  Aluminum: Aluminum garage doors are common and can often be damaged. Cost of repairing such doors can be around $170-$289.

∙  Fiberglass: Fiberglass doors are very strong but are often prone to scratches and cracks. The cost is around $200.

∙  Wood: Wooden are costly affairs. Maintaining such doors can be a lot of work. Repairing such doors can be around $400. This is mainly because wooden doors are very prone to getting rot.

Garage door spring repair cost
Garage door spring repair cost

Garage door spring repair cost

The main part of a garage door is the spring on which it operates. Here’s the deal springs can often become damaged because of excessive wear and tear. Therefore, it is inevitable that it needs proper repair often. Let us study more about garage door spring repair cost that we need to prepare for, if the springs gets damaged:

∙  Average cost: The average cost that is needed to repair or replace old garage door spring will vary from $50 to $290. This cost will depend on the type of spring in question.

∙  Tilt up door springs: For this type, the garage door repair cost will vary around $150-$200.

∙  Roll up door springs: For this kind of spring, the cost is slightly high and varies within the range $200-$250.

∙  Torsion springs: In order to repair or replace two torsion springs, it will cost around $200-$290.

∙  Extension springs: These are the most common and probably the cheapest of the lot. Repairing these springs will cost you around $50-$95.

Garage door repair cost estimate

Garage door repair cost estimate
Garage door repair cost estimate

The real story here is that besides the major costs of repairing a damaged garage door, you need to keep in mind certain other additional costs that might come up at any point of time. Let us check such a few more garage door repair cost:

∙  Glass: If you have a glass window in your garage, the chances are that it might break. If the glass is clear, it will cost around $300, but if the glass is a specialty window replacing it might cost as high as $500.

∙  Dents: Dents are very common when it comes to garage doors. Do not be heartbroken if you see a small dent somewhere. If you are good with tools, you can hammer it out yourself. But in case you need a repairman, it will cost around $40 per hour.

∙  Circuit board: Many times, you may have a faulty circuit board. In that case, the garage door repair cost varies and you can get it replaced in around $70.

∙  Roller replacement: Simply stated without a proper roller, your garage door is as good as useless. So if you feel that the rollers are not functioning properly or are getting jammed, you must get them replaced. It will cost you around &130 per door.

∙  Hinge replacement: Without proper hinges, your garage door won’t even open. Replacing them would cost you around $100.

Garage door repair near me

There are many garage repair shops in and around you. Now in order to get the best deals, you will need to do proper research. But for your benefit we have a list of some of the shops:

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So, if earlier you were busy looking for “garage door repair near me” than we are sure you got a list of three best companies around you. Now having a properly functioning garage door is crucial. You see, it is because the security of your property will depend on that door and also you will be able to take proper care of your vehicles. For further information on garage door repair cost contact us.

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