Electrician Hourly Rate is High or Low : Have you ever seen any house without electricity? Did you? Most probably, no. We don’t even imagine ourselves without electricity. Do you know the demand and growth of electricians by the end of 2028 will increase by 10%? This is much higher than in several other jobs. Do you know the works that usually an electrician offers, types of electricians, etc? How do they charge their customers? 

And by knowing answers to these questions, you can decide if the electrician hourly rate is high or low. Want to know more? If yes, then without any delay read further.

The demand for electricians is immense and certified and master electricians are less. And this is the reason why the electrician hourly rate would be slightly higher.  

Electrician Hourly Rate
Electrician Hourly Rate

Electrician Hourly Rate : electrician price list

The hourly rate for electricians depends on the services that they provide. So, before going to know about Electrician Hourly Rate it’s vital to know the services of the electricians. 

electrician services

electrician services

Here are the few services and electrician price list.

  • Wiring
  • Maintenance, repairing, or replacements of electrical components
  • Lighting repairs 
  • Various electrical operating systems maintenance
  • Generators and inverters repairs
  • Blueprints analyzation
  • Heating systems management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintaining proper voltage usage
  • Installing switchboards, cables, outboxes, etc. 

These are the few works of the electricians. And the Electrician Hourly Rate for small electrical works varies from 140 USD to 240 USD including callout charges. However, larger companies with master electricians charge more than 10,000 USD. 

Usually, these services vary based on the services and the efficiency of the work done by the electricians. Here is the list of services offered by the electricians and Electrician Hourly Rate. 

  • Doorbell repair and maintenance: $120
  • Light fixture works: $260
  • Outlet services: $135
  • Switch services: $150
  • Ceiling fan services: $250
  • Circuit repairs and maintenance: $175
  • Attic fan services: $225
  • Bathroom fan services: $325

However, these are just average servicing electrician prices list but not accurate. If the electrician is licensed and professional, then he/she might charge even more. For instance, there are three stages of the electrician: Apprentice electrician, Journeyman electrician, and Master electrician. 

Let me explain to you more about these electricians in detail here. 

Apprentice electrician:

These electricians usually work under the direct supervision of the master electrician. This is a training part for 4 to 6 years. These electricians usually do not work on their own but fix small electrician issues. 

After completing their apprenticeship, these electricians need to attend the exam to upgrade to journeyman electrician. 

Apprentice electricians are trainees’ and this is the first stage to become a professional or master electrician. These electricians do small and basic works including replacing wires, outlets, reading blueprints, installing small lighting fixtures, heating fixtures, etc.  

Journeyman electrician:

After completing the apprenticeship program for four to six years, the apprentice electrician takes the journeyman electrician exam. If he/she qualifies the exam, then they can become journeyman electricians. 

These electricians usually do not work under the master electrician. These electricians now work on all the problems from troubleshooting to installing new fixtures for the building. 

Master electrician:

After successful completion of the journeyman stage of an electrician, he/she has to attempt for a master electrician exam. The qualified members of the master electrician exam become the master electrician. 

Now, they can bid on any projects, open a new business, and offer several services without any objection. These Master electricians can even guide the apprentice and journeyman electricians. 

Based on the experience, these electricians have different charges. Here are the charges for various electricians. 

  • An apprentice electrician charges $40 to $50 with consultation charges of $75.
  • The servicing charges for a journeyman are $50 to $70 with consultation charges
  • The Electrician Hourly Rate would be a bit higher. Usually, they charge $125 and $100 to $120 for callouts and services.

Want to know more about the charges? If yes, here are the details of each service and its pricing. 

Electrician Call out Rates
Electrician Call out Rates

Electrician Call out Rates

These callout charges are different for different electricians based on the experience as mentioned above. However, these electrician call out rates lie in between $75 to $125 for different electricians.

This fee depends on the time and fuel consumed on reaching the working place. Sometimes, electricians also include the first hour working on the problem. If you have already understood the problem, then there might be low or no charges. 

Usually, the callout fee will have a bit higher fee than the servicing charges. Because the electrician has to recognize the problem before solving it. And this is a crucial part. Analyzing the problem is more difficult and time-consuming than solving it.

So, the call out fee has more charges. 

Electrician Service Charges

Sometimes, there would be emergency electrical repairing cases at nights, holidays, or weekends. So, this usually costs more than the normal charges. The Electrician Hourly Rate in emergency services will raise to $150.

And this charge does not include any callout charges. The electrician service charges include a few more $75. However, these Electrician Hourly Rate

are not fixed and some electricians may have base rates of $200 to $400. No matter how long are the servicing hours, these Electrician Hourly Rate are fixed. 

In that case, it’s better to welcome them only in case of complex issues. So, that you don’t concern much about the money as the problem is complex and harder to fix. 

Commercial Electrician Hourly Rate

Commercial electricians work in commercial building projects rather than residential or single-family homes. These electrician charges are 10% to 20% higher than the residential electricians. 

Because, commercial electricians deal with the heavier and larger machines, more electrical components, wiring, etc. These electricians need more experience and knowledge in dealing with building codes, policies, regulations, etc.

These electricians deal with the higher voltages than the residential electricians. So, this job is risky and dangerous even. And the commercial electrician hourly rate varies from $95 to $120. 

Electrician Services List
Electrician Services List

Electrician Services List

As discussed above, there are several services provided by the electricians. And each service costs a few bucks. Here are a few more details about the electrician services list and the charges.

  • Wiring services and cost

For a three-bedroom, the rewiring costs lie in between 2300 USD to 5600 USD. If you want wrong through the main walls, then it might cost even more than. The cost usually rises to 10,000 USD even. 

Factors affecting the cost of the wiring

  • Number of outlets required
  • Lighting fixtures wiring
  • Number of electrical appliances required 220V 
  • Number of fans 
  • Circuit maintenance

So, these are the few factors that usually affect the price of the wiring services.

  • Outlet fixing charges

Usually, the charges to fox interior outlets cost between $120 to $150. Whereas, to fix an external outlet or to replace it, it takes $200 to $275. 

So, usually, it’s advised to call master electricians for complex problems. This not only saves your money but also saves the electrician’s time even. 

  • Switch repairs, replacements, and installations cost

Electricians cost between $80 to $200 for switching services. Moreover, single-pole switches cost between $150 to $200. Whereas, three-way modern switch connections cost in between $100 to $250.

  • Installing light fixtures and lighting repairs charges

Usually, the electricians install, repair, and replace the lighting fixtures based on the problem. Depending on the problem, the cost also varies. In general, the electrician hourly rate for lighting installations or repairs will be in between $135 to $415.

There might be even additional costs between $10 to $670 for various materials such as lights and other electrical components. 

  • Fan installations charges 

There will be two types of fans such as attic fans and ceiling fans. The charges for both the fans differ slightly. On average, installing a new ceiling fan would cost between $100 to $300. And apart from this, there is a separate cost for buying a fan. 

However, these ceiling fans cost between$50 to $300. Attic fans also cost in a similar range. Because the attic fans themselves cost between $50 to $50. These attic fans eliminate the heat in the house and make your house cooler. So, it’s important to install both the fans. 

  • Electrical panel up-gradation charges 

Usually, the up-gradation of panel charges varies from smaller to bigger homes. Smaller homes cost $900 to $2,500 and for bigger homes, it costs between $2,500 to $4,000.

You can avail of all the requirements to maintain the panel while fixing it. So, you should choose based on your house. 

  • Generator services and charges

For generator installations, it usually costs in between $2,500 to $7,000 with additional costs of $500 to $1,000. 

However, these prices depend on your city codes and the size of the generator that you normally use. Generators are helpful only in cases if you cannot predict the weather and power changes in your locality.

  • Home automation charges

Most of the house owners spend between $600 to $1,800 for house automation. For small automation, it takes $100. However, if you fully automate your double bedroom or three-bedroom, then it takes about $12,000. 

Usually, home automation includes lighting systems, windows closing, smart gadgets, appliances, etc. So, based on your requirements you can choose automation devices. 

  • Electrical components inspection charges

These are usually free but when you are contacting a contractor, then he/she might cost around $250 to $400.

Factors that influence charges of inspection

  • Building(Residential or Commercial)
  • Number of squares of the house 

Usually, for 1000 sq.ft house inspection cost $200 while the 2000 sq.ft house inspection costs $400.

So, these are the few services and their costs in general. However, these Electrician Hourly Rate are not fixed but mostly the cost of the service would be in similar ranges. 


The electrician hourly rate is neither too high nor low. But it all depends upon the services that are provided by the electricians. 

If you have taken services from the experienced and master electricians, then the charges would be higher based on their working efficiency. So, it’s always advised to contact them, only if you feel that your problem is complex. 

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