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Disclaimer – The website, Restoration Services, is designed to provide basic restoration services to its users at any given point. At any given point, we do not claim to be the sole authority within the service. All of our information is sourced from other similarly available material online. For actual and specific services, advice, we highly recommend you take the word of a professional over ours.

In case of any future or potential mishap, we will not be liable for the same unless it can be demonstrably be proven to be caused by any professional affiliated with us. Any and all responsibility falls squarely on you, the user.

In case of bad faith or potential harm or injury causing advice by any affiliated professional working under their own personal capacity, then that is a matter solely between you and the said professional. In no way or shape do we claim to be affiliated with anyone as such?

Keep in mind that we are a service provider for restorative services for potential clients. We do not, in any way shape, or form, endorse the views or affiliations of any person affiliated with our organization.. In case there is any conflict of interest between the client and a professional contacted through us, we reserve the right to pass an all-encompassing decision to resolve the matter.

This agreement is legally binding in nature. The moment you use the website for any purposes such as but not limited to, finding information, availing any service, etc. you agree to be bound by
these Terms of Service. Restoration Services reserves the right to change or update the Terms of Service without any prior notice or information.
It is your responsibility as the user to periodically check the terms of service for any changes.

In the case at any point you do not agree with the terms of service, we request you to immediately terminate your use of the website. In case you are still using the website after reading the disclaimer, it will be understood that you agree with the updated terms of service.