Commercial electrician is the one who work in such a way that he can design an electrical system according to your needs, he can install the electrical system whenever you want and he can maintain the electrical system to save you from further future damages. Thought of appointing a professional electrician for your service? Well our electrician is on the way to your home. 

If we are talking about Commercial Electrician job description, then let’s start with him only. Professional electricians work in a limited industrial area like in a Shopping mall, Restaurants, Banks, Grocery shops, high rises and other big business related companies too.

When it comes to electrician hiring, it becomes very important for them to get an apprenticeship program and whenever they start to work in any commercialized place they should be licensed and they should show their license before work. There are many commercial workers who start their electrical work as an associate degree with a limited amount of earning.

Whenever we talk about commercial places. The first place which hits our mind is buildings so while working in these buildings it becomes the responsibility of a commercial electrician terms who works there by taking responsibility of maintaining and installing equipment or machines in the building area. Whenever they want to start working as a commercial contractor they should always keep in mind that they should have a license and start their work right after the associate’s degree and apprenticeship degree program only. 

commercial electrician
commercial electrician

Commercial electrician : Public services

As soon as they start their work the growth for their business starts accordingly and if we talk about salary for electricians then it differs from country to country or currency to currency but if we talk in dollars then it’s $59,190 for each  and every electrician working out there.

If you are thinking, is there any growth for a commercial electrician terms? Then the answer is yes there is 10% growth for every electrician right after they start working. 

These professional electricians not only work in one or two places but there are many areas which are covered by these electricians. These areas can never be residential where people live. These areas are non-residential only which are operated for some public work or on public service. Some of non-residential places where electrician work are:-

  1. Public and private schools
  2. Public and private banks
  3. Government headquarters or agencies 
  4. Establishments related business and retail
  5. Domestic and international airports 
  6. Offices like real estate, etc
  7. All types of restaurants 
  8. Commercial construction sites
  9. Recreation facilities 

benefits of commercial electrician

Benefits of commercial electrician

Commercial Electrician terms : Describe in Brief

If you get this question in your mind constantly thinking who is a Commercial Electrician and how are they different from others. Well the answer to your question is that electricians are those who work in a boundary like in a commercial place like buildings, banks, etc which are owned for some public purpose.

These professional electricians work on a daily basis in these limited areas as they have a legal contract signed with the company or business organization. These electricians are licensed  therefore they are capable of working in any work area whether it is a real estate building or a public bank.

These electricians have educated themselves through associate programs and proper apprenticeship programs. Commercial electricians are just opposite of residential electricians but that doesn’t mean none of their work matches with each other. There are some jobs which professional electricians and residential electrical do on a daily basis.

commercial electrician job description is to install, fix, troubleshoot, maintain and repair commercial property and it’s equipment owned by that property or builder. Electricians also diagnose the problem of wiring and electrical components, he also reads and draws the technical issues accordingly. 

Commercial electricians : Different from residential electrician and industrial electrician?

Commercial electricians
Commercial Electricians

We can say that the workload of a electrician is way more than a residential electrician. We can also say that commercial and industrial electricians are different from industrial electricians too. Industrial electricians have way larger work to do than commercial ones.

Commercial electrician– 

  • He is the one who should complete his studies properly like completing school then he must be a part of an apprenticeship program, he should attend each and every class of it, he must have a job experience for at least 8000 hours to 10000 hours and he should pass the competency program as well.
  • He must have experience in working of installation, repairing, receptacles, working of transformers, power distribution facilities and also know how to work on a new construction site.
  • He must work in commercial places like banks, airports, buildings, shops of a mall or a plaza, restaurants or any other place which has public accessibility.
  • Their main work is to do electrical equipment or any other electrical repairing, installation of all electrical equipment, they work on wire breaker panels, meeting other building requirements and transformers and lightings. Therefore, now we can assume that your question related to what is a commercial electrician may be clear now. 

Residential electrician-

  • They must be qualified in some sectors like high school, participate in an apprenticeship program, have a job experience like a commercial electrician and then try for a license.
  • They work to a limited power supply area only. It can be between 120 volts to 240 volts.
  • Residential electricians are the one who works in a limited area like a society or in a particular landmark. In short he is the one who works in homes and apartments only. 
  • His daily work is to balance all electrical wiring of a residential area or an apartment, fixing switch boards or a main board, rearranging and repairing wiring for wifi, fans, AC, etc, and installing lights or new fixtures in the apartments.

Industrial electrician-

  • It is important for an industrial electrician to complete his school diploma, must participate in an apprenticeship program, attend continuous lectures, must have working experience for 8000-10000 hours and must compete and pass in the competency exam.
  • It requires a lot of knowledge for an industrial electrician because he may have to install big electrical equipment or machines in their working area. It requires more time and knowledge for industrial electricians to work because the amount of workload they have with their complex machines is more time taking than the work of commercial and residential electricians.
  • Industrial electricians work in areas like plant companies or production companies where the task for them is very complex because they have much higher work to do like installing a generator for a company, etc
  • They basically work on high voltage components like installing machines for a production company or solving troubleshooting in their industrial area, keeping a continuous check on machinery, etc.

Therefore, going through these points now it may be clear in your mind how commercial electricians are different from industrial electricians and residential electricians. We hope these points have cleared every doubt from your mind.

Who are low voltage electricians?

There are many types of electricians like commercial , industrial and residence electrician and one being different from all these three comes up the Low voltage electrician. As the name suggests Low voltage electrician is the one who works on lower power voltage electrical systems, machines or any other appliances. 

Their work is similar to residential electricians but residential electricians sometimes work on more power of electrical voltage like 2400 volts whereas low voltage electricians work around 30 volts to 100 volts only.

Low voltage electricians are also known as Voice-data-Video electrician. They are as skilled and professional in their work as residential electricians are.

Commercial Electrician job description : Why do you need proper physical and mental health

When you want to work specially in the field of electricity or electrical work, you need to perform some tasks which are very dangerous and risky like installation of a generator in your building or in a shopping complex. You at least have to lift around 50 pounds of workload on your eyes daily. 

Commercial and residential electrician have to use various types of tools while working with electrical demands or issues like all types of screwdrivers, testing meters, power tools and many more. 

So in short there is a chance that you may allowed to work on big and high voltage equipments daily which may need a proper health so that you can not get exhausted and tired and it needs a good mental health so that you can work ok those equipments calmly without making any mistake that can cause damage in frituren for you job as well as for public too.

Having mental health is not only for being calm and good with decisions but you also need to be good in algebra so that you can work with calculations on all types of electrical circuits and you need to finish and pass the high school diploma and apprenticeship program to become a successful and licensed electrician.

Commercial Electrician Hiring : Reasons

Commercial Electrician Hiring
Commercial Electrician Hiring

When you are building a place for public access you need to fix some facilities for them. One of the main facilities is electricity and when it comes to electricity it is quite obvious you need an electrician to avail his services for your project. This becomes the first basic and most important step for you to take in your project work for the public. When you type this keyword on your webpage then you will get all top rated commercial electrician near me at your place and we can assure you that you will get top rated and professionalized services from them.

You should see in depth that the electrician whom you hire must be well qualified and knows how to work deeply and do his work step by step with professionalism. If you hire a commercial contractor who has a bunch of commercial electrician hiring working under him, he can make your work look easier.

A commercial contractor can make a blueprint or a rough diagram for his electricians so that they can understand looking at that blueprint how to do the work and what should be the work coordination. An industrial electrician always keeps in mind that they should use different tools whenever needed and they should do a testing process when they install a machine in a commercial place to see that those components are safe to use and they are compatible with the electric current they are greeting through it.

Concluding, we can say that it is not easy to become a commercial electrician. You need to be perfect in various tasks and categories no matter if they are related to your health or they are related to your mental strength or they are related to your body stamina. You have to work daily without any excuses. 

Commercial contractors are spread worldwide and they do similar kinds of work in each and every corner of the world. They cannot waste their time to complete their work on time because they are much more busy and have a very tight schedule of their work. They get new tasks every 5 minute. So they have to be excellent plus quick with their work. 

When it comes to choosing which professional electrician is best for your work so we can say that no other electrician is less than any other because all of them are quite same and they all know the same strategy to be used to work. If you are looking for a electrician near your place then all you have to do is go to your webpage and type your keyword that is commercial electrician near me.

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