Certified Electrician plays an important role in the residential, commercial, and industrial projects. There is nothing to shock much with the increasing popularity and demand for the upcoming electricians. With a boom in solar management, lightening management, infrastructural management of renewable sources. 

There are millions of electricians around the world. However, only a few are certified and licensed electricians. 

With an increase in the usage of electricity, the demand for electricians has been increasing day by day. The certified electrician handles the issue and fixes it soon. 

Becoming a professional and master electrician is not an easy task. And the pathway is highly different from other jobs. An electrician has to be trained for more than six to eight years under the professional electrician to get the certificate. 

And there are three stages including apprenticeship, journeyman, and master electrician training to become a licensed electrician. 

Want to know more about how to become a certified electrician and their services? Ig yes, then go ahead. 

Certified Electrician
Certified Electrician

Certified Electrician : Demand for Electricians 

From small adapters to complex generators in your house, charge yourself using electricity. Fans, lights, heaters, coolers, and many more devices that you use run through electricity. 

And do you know the usage of electricity would increase more and more in the future days? And this leads to the demand for electricians.

In research, it was known that the demand for a certified electrician would increase by 10% by the end of 2028. And this is unusual and higher than several other jobs.  

Every building uses electricity and power systems. If there is even small damage in those systems, then an electrician is required to fix that issue. Or else, it might damage the whole building and other power units even. 

An electrician usually installs, repairs, and replaces wires, circuits, inverters, generators, and many more. And the job is a highly risky one. And needs a lot of experience. This is the reason why most of the states do not encourage trainee electricians for several electrical issues. 

Each state has different requirements for the electricians and to become a licensed electrician, he/she needs to meet those eligibility requirements. 

Certified Electrician Salary

Depending on the services, there are several types of electricians. For instance, residential electricians, commercial electricians, and industrial electricians. 

Want to know more about them?

Residential Electrician: Residential electrician usually works in homes and apartments. He does not work in any construction site or industry. He takes care and maintains the residential buildings. 

The electrician working sites are generally small apartments or single-family homes. And he is restricted to repair, install, or replace electrical equipment in the smaller homes or residences. 

The services of this residential electrician include the following. 

  • Analyzing blur prints and drawings
  • Ensuring systems are working accurately according to the given blueprint
  • Fixing repairs and installing wirings
  • Installing electrical devices based on the necessities
  • Maintaining electrical systems and components
  • Replacing broken components and ensuring safety management
Different Types of Electricians

Different Types of Electricians

Residential electricians either work for a company or self-employed. They look after the major maintenance and installation problems. The salary of a residential electrician varies from 50,000 USD to 90,000 USD based on the working experience and efficiency.  

Commercial Electrician: Commercial electricians are licensed and certified electricians who work in commercial sites or buildings rather than residential buildings. 

The commercial buildings include hotels, restaurants, banks, hospitals, business offices, and many other government buildings. Usually, these electricians install, repair, and replace electrical components in the commercial building. 

Unlike residential electricians, these electricians work in the larger buildings. Moreover, the larger apartment is also considered as a commercial project. Some of the services provided by the commercial electricians include the following things.

  • Maintaining and installing switching and wiring components
  • Ensuring all the electrical systems are maintained properly
  • Maintaining and installing electrical components according to rules of the state
  • Analyzing and solving problems in the electrical fixtures
  • Wiring of electrical systems and units based on the state policies and guidelines
  • Analyzing and maintaining blueprints and building drawings
  • Guiding apprentice and electrician team 

So, these are the few works done by the commercial electrician. However, according to the project, there might be a few additional services even. Depending on the work, these electricians will work indoors and outdoors. 

Unlike residential electrician services, this job is risky. There might be shocks, fire accidents, and many more injuries during the work. Usually, the salary for commercial electricians varies from 50,000 USD to 95,000 USD.

Industrial Electrician: An industrial electrician works in big factories, plants, and industries. You can see industrial electricians in oil plants, coal mines, factories, etc. 

Usually, this industrial electrician differs from residential and commercial in several aspects. These electricians deal with huge machines and high power units. 

In general, these machines and electrical components they deal with are heavier and highly expensive rather than other electrical equipment. 

The typical services of the industrial electricians are as follows.

  • Reading blueprints, technical drawings and ensuring proper safety to them
  • Installing electrical equipment in the right place
  • Upgrading the older electrical systems 
  • Fixing the wiring issues of various components of the industry
  • Travel to various job sites
  • Use heavier tools to fix their issues
  • Guide the team members and train the beginner electricians
  • Develop plans

So, these are the few services of the industrial electricians. The work environment for industrial electricians will be even more dangerous than commercial electricians. Usually, the salary lies in between the 50,000 USD to 95,000 USD for the industrial electrician

The pathway to becoming the certified electrician is the same for all types of electricians. Usually, experience and work vary slightly. However, education and qualification remain almost the same. 

How to become a Certified Electrician

How to become a Certified Electrician
How to become a Certified Electrician

To become a certified electrician, one should complete their high school diploma and training part. Most of the people become a licensed electrician through apprenticeship training. And a few attend the traditional school for electrician jobs. 

However, the requirements change based on the state you are residing in, so it’s important to check the requirements of your state-licensed electrician. 

Here is the general pathway to becoming a certified electrician. 

Education Requirements:

High school diploma or any other equivalent course based on your interest. A few people attend traditional technical schools to become an electrician. This will be an added advantage during their training part. 

But most of the people become an electrician through apprenticeship.


Most of the electricians learn and gain experience in electrical works through four to five years of training work. The hours of this training will be 2,000 hours. Moreover, you are also paid by your master electricians. 

In this span of 2,000 hours, you will learn basic things about testing, wiring, and many other technical works. Technical works include electrical theory, code learning, blueprint analyzing, safety practices, repairs, replacements, and few other installations.

After the successful completion of the apprentice program, they become the journeyman and can perform their duties independently. Usually, the apprenticeship requirements vary by state to state.

Most of the states advise the apprentice to pass the exam and become a licensed electrician. The exam consists of basic questions related to state local codes, national codes, wiring, installations, etc. 

Also, to maintain the licenses, the electricians are required to take the courses to know more about an updated information about the codes and safety management. A few electricians take some other certification courses in solar management, lighting systems, etc.

A pathway of electrician starts from apprentice to journeyman, journeyman to master electricians, and then to supervisor.        

Electrical Technician Certification: Tips

Though you might see several electricians, not all the electricians are certified and well-knowledged . So, it’s important to check, observe, and analyze a few factors before hiring any electrician. 

Here are the few electrical technician certification tips that you should know before you hire an electrician. Want to know?

It’s important to work with a professional and licensed electrician only. Because a licensed electrician makes sure to provide everything that you need. Also, if you are contacting the company, ask for the insurance. Even if something happens, you can get rid of expenses. 

If they do not provide any of these then you should think once before hiring them. 

  • Ask for permits

A good electrician seeks local permissions for the projects. So, make sure to check the permissions by various offices in your locality before you start a project. If they did not provide you enough permits, then you should be careful before hiring them. 

  • Research 

Before hiring an electrician, it’s important to know about their services. You can check on the websites or can ask neighbors’ experiences. Without proper research, you should not hire anyone for your project. 

  • Observe his/her listening skills

A good electrician is always a good listener. Good electricians understand the requirements and expectations of their customers and work accordingly. So, observe whether the people you would like to hire are good listeners or not. 

Also, make sure to know whether they can accomplish the task or not as you wish.  

  • Planning

A good electrician has perfect planning in an organized way. Electricians need to be pre-planned and work with respect to that timeline. 

These are the few things that you should know before hiring an electrician.


Certified Electrician near me
Certified Electrician near me

Certified Electrician near me

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