Ceiling water damage repair cost is the most frustrating part about the water damage restoration process most of the people would agree that dealing with the. You might need to shelve out a lot of money to restore your living conditions back to normal. In case of heavy rainfall, the water tends to seep beneath the upper ceiling layers and start saturating the surface. You can also take water damage for more information.

You may not come to know about this until a swelling is spotted on the ceiling wall or the leakage begins. The total cost of repairing the water damaged ceiling depends upon the intensity of the damage. You can consult a professional water damage restoration expert for the cost estimations. 

ceiling water damage repair cost
ceiling water damage repair cost

Ceiling Water Damage Repair Cost – Important Points

  • Any discoloration of the ceiling. This can be in small or large spots. They become easy to identify in case of any water leakage
  • Saggy looking ceiling due to the collection of excess water
  • Any damp or soft wall piece that can be pressed through your fingers
  • Any mold spotting on a section of ceiling

Water Damage Ceiling Repair Cost – Classification

The ceiling repair costs can be divided into two major categories namely labor and material. The labor cost is much higher in the ceiling water damage restoration process. You can expect your ceiling water damage repair cost to be somewhere around $500-$1,200.

Labor Cost – Over 80% of your total costs will be dedicated to labor. Celling repair is tedious and a difficult manual process. Labor costs will also include expenses of tools, site preparation, staging, furniture removal, clean up, and waste removal. The location also plays a vital role in determining labor costs. The rates would be much higher in big cities.

Material Cost – The ceiling repair job is incomplete without extra material. You have literally removed a big chunk of your ceiling and you need to replace it with now. If you have a regular ceiling like plaster or drywall, your overall material cost should not be more than $100. Whereas, if you have a tray, bean or coffered ceiling, the water damage ceiling repair cost between $0.50/sf-$15/sf. You can also find water damage restoration Florida for more details.

Repair Water Damage Ceiling Cost
Repair Water Damage Ceiling Cost

Repair Water Damage Ceiling Cost – List Of Best Companies

  1. Moldman, Chicago – If you are looking for a professional water damage ceiling repairing company, then is the one for you. Their experienced technicians can repair any sort of water ceiling leakage. You can expect an inspection cost of $350-$450 and total cost shall be ascertained from an official report. 
  2. Puro Clean Emergency Services, Florida – Puro Clean Emergency Services has been serving clients for many years now. The company has experience of handling a variety of ceiling damage cases successfully. The total Repair water damage ceiling cost can from $2700-$5000.
  3. Dry More Water Damage, Houston – One of the most popular restoration companies in Houston, having a team of expert technicians. They believe in handling every project with compassion and passion when it comes to serving the clients. The company offers a free estimate service to its clients and restoration costs starts from $1400.
  4. Water Damage Restoration, Atlanta – If your property has been damaged due to fire or flood, this is the best help for you. You can completely rely on their expertise for restoring the normal living conditions for you. The total cost of restoration services can range from $2700 to $7500 in serious cases.
  5. Drymedic Restoration Services, Michigan – If you are looking for some professional ceiling water damage repair company that offers services like fire, water, faulty ceiling, mold, etc. They hold the credit of handling many projects successfully. You can get a cost estimate after a detailed inspection report submitted by the experts.

It is better to discuss the ceiling water damage repair cost in advance with your restoration service provider, leaving no room for confusions later on. More information about the overall cost estimation is just a call away (XXXX). You can also visit disaster restoration services for more details.