Category 3 water damage is not an easy task. There is a lot at stake in this type of water damage. water damage includes water flooding that is extremely contaminated with contents like toxigenic, pathogenic, and other harmful agents.

This type of water can carry traces of organic matter, silt, heavy metals, pesticides, regulated materials. Flash floods can easily push chemical and organic contaminants into the home. Even after a heavy downpour, increasing water levels can serve as a source contagion. You can also find water damage repair.

Category 3 Water Damage
Category 3 Water Damage

Category 3 Water Damage – Short Description

Highly contaminated water when soaks porous materials like wood and sheetrock, a water damage occurs. Some common sources of this water damage are:

  • Extended raining
  • Broken sewer pipes
  • Backed-up sewer lines
  • Flash floods
  • Hurricane flooding

Even a toilet overflow can give rise to a category 3 water damage by depositing bacteria on baseboards, flooring and other fixtures. The cellulose included in the flooring and walls serves as a source of food for the water contaminants. Every single porous surface turns into a breeding ground for fungus and pathogens. You can also take water damage restoration tips for more info.

The warm and high humidity climate serves as an ideal environment for mold and bacteria growth. This contaminated water also carries germs of Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B & C, West Vile virus, tetanus, AIDS/HIV, Norovirus and many more.

Category of water damage – Why should you go for Professional Help?

You should not take the risk of cleaning this water damage on your own. In other words, ordinary cleaning will be fruitful in this case. In case of any such incident, you should immediately contact a professional water damage restoration company. Their experienced technicians are highly trained in restoring your living conditions back to normal. Contact a professional for category of water damage.

  • Reduce any possibility of your physical exposure to the hazardous pathogens
  • To manage the reconstruction and restoration functions
  • Successfully recover salvage furniture, flooring, and other belongings
  • Address serious problems of mold growth

Category 3 Water Damage Specialists – Top 5 Restoration Companies 

  1. Jon-Don, Illinois – The experienced restoration team is well trained in handling water damages. They have a thorough knowledge about the various harmful components present in the contaminated water and ways to deal with it. Category 3 Water Damage Specialists are trained regularly to upgrade their water damages restoration skills. 
  2. 911 Restoration, Atlanta – Now get some advanced and high-quality services like water damage restoration, sewage backup and cleaning, water damage restoration, mold removal and many more at 911 Restoration. You can completely rely on the expertise of their experienced technicians for the cleaning of your home. The technicians are well versed with the safety procedures required in this process.
  3. Restoration Zee, USA – As the name suggests you can contact the professional restoration company for your water damages. The highly trained and experienced technicians act proactively and have a quick response time of 30 minutes. The company understands your concern about your house and efficiently handle all the cases.
  4. Rainbow International Restoration, Montana – Serving clients since 1981, Rainbow International has been handling different cases of category 1, 2, and 3. The emergency service center is available to take calls 24*7. They have the latest restoration techniques and equipment that can effectively restore your living conditions back to normal.

If you too have experienced category 3 water damage recently, contact a professional restoration company immediately. Handling the situation yourself can prove to be harmful to your health and home. For more details feel free to call at XXXX today. You can also visit our page Restoration service for more details.